Elevated Bacteria Keeps Margate Bathers Out of Water

Margate dunes and dredging elevate bacteria no swimming
No Swimming, North of Margate Pier

Elevated bacteria levels kept swimmers out of the ocean this past week, along the northern beaches of Margate. The surf between Federicksburg & Essex Ave was off limits as NO SWIMMING signs were placed on lifeguard stands and tops of new 14 ft. dunes.

It was hot and humid. Perfect for a dip in the ocean. But no. For the past 6 days, surf near the sand dredging & dune pipes…. was funked up…. with some kind of nasty bacteria.

Lifeguards were busy keeping people safe…by keeping them on dry land.  Wanna swim in Margate? Keep to the south of Margate Pier for now. Swimming in Ventnor? Stay away from Fredericksburg.

Beaches between Swarthmore Ave in Ventnor….. and Essex in Margate, are either closed, somewhat restricted, have 14 ft dunes you must climb, or they’re surrounded by a network of pipe and heavy machinery. Some street ends in Margate are fenced off in heavy work areas.

PLEASE NOTE: Margate is not allowing swimming between Fredericksburg & Essex Ave. This is due to mix of dredge work and high levels of bacteria in the water.

Oddly, Ventnor is allowing swimming near Frederickburg Ave. We suggest you steer clear of swimming in that area for now. This is where dredge pipes are coming ashore.