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Building a Beach-Side BUZZ; Ventnor Tourism and Marketing

After years of limited marketing and promotion of Ventnor City, it looks like tourism efforts are springing back to life….and not a moment too soon. As Summer 2015 quickly approaches, the newly announced volunteer organization called ‘Downtown Ventnor’ plans to spruce up the visual appeal of Ventnor city-scapes & signage.

Letter: Why Hide The Ocean With a Dune?

Letter to the editor: Margate has, for now at least, fended off the duneboggle. Atlantic City should follow its lead and remove, or at least dramatically lower, its dunes. A city that was built specifically to take advantage of the ocean now cannot even see it. No seaside community anywhere in the

Spotlight on Downbeach Deli in Margate

Delectable and Delicious – Your Favorite Kosher and Non-Kosher Deli Downbeach Deli is one of Absecon Island’s favorite delis. Located on Essex Avenue, they’re open seven days a week from 8a to 7:30p…..and til 8p on Friday and Saturday. Fresh and flavorful deli favorites for over 30 years. Fresh rotisserie

See Pics > Press Conference. Anti-Dune Margate Flanked by Pro-Dune Ventnor & Longport

SEE DUNES PRESS CONFERENCE PICS >> Ventnor Mayor Bagnell and Longport Mayor Russo held a cold & damp press conference this morning on the boardwalk at Oxford Ave. This particular location was picked due to it’s historic significance: it was destroyed in the storm of 1944. Photos of that period were

Ventnor Fishing Pier Now Open for 2017 Season

The Ventnor Fishing Pier is now open for the season. The pier is staffed 7 days per week from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Yearly Membership Costs: $175 per year $150 per year (Senior Citizens Ages 62+) $50 per year (Kids Ages 10-17) For Spectators with a Key: $50 per

Flawed Flounder Study Could Sink Summer Fishing Season

Proposed regulations using questionable research could put another nail in the coffin for flounder fishing this summer. New, proposed regulations could force anglers to throw back any flounder less than 19 inches. Those 19 inch flounder are the female breeders. Regulators want the mama flounders to be the keepers. It

Vandals Taking Toll on C-Sure Playground on Ventnor Boardwalk

The C Sure Playground adjacent to the Ventnor Boardwalk started out as a beautiful, well-kept park for kids to play. It was a community effort lead by local Marsha Galespie & the many volunteers that pitched in time and money. Over the years, C-Sure Playground in Ventnor has been neglected

Margate Has a Dogpark. What About Ventnor? Future Bark-Park?

A proposed place for your puppy to play could be called Ventnor Bark Park. That’s if Ventnor volunteers can traverse a gauntlet of regulations and raise about $70 grand. The 600 block of Lafayette Ave. has been considered for the park. It might include a section of the now-abandoned Ventnor

Ventnor Catches Dune Break, Margate Still Hosed for Late Summer 2017

Here’s the latest, updated DREDGE & DUNE DUMP schedule for Summer 2017. Wow. Ventnor gets a major hook-up and Margate is still hosed. Atlantic City – April 21, 2017- July 9, 2017 Longport – May 28, 2017- August 7, 2017 Margate – August 7, 2017 – October 16, 2017 Ventnor

Ventnor PD to Get New Police Chief, Doug Biagi. Miller to Retire.

Ventnor is about to get a new Police Chief. Effective May 1, Ventnor PD Captain Doug Biagi, will become Chief Biagi. A Ventnor native, Biagi studied Criminal Justice at Stockton University and attended Atlantic City High School. Biagi will replace Ventnor PD Chief, Michael Miller, who will retire from the force.

Margate Resident BUDGET Feedback. APRIL 6, Commisioner Meeting

The Margate school and municipal budgets are always hot topics at the monthly commissioner meetings. On April 6, resident John Sewell makes his regular appearance during public comment. The un-shy Sewell once again skewers and occasionally entertains with his fanciful, factual, perfectly timed 3 minutes of taxpayer push-back. This month,

Feedback on Margate’s School Budget & Operations

From John Sewell of Margate: The Margate tax rate is up due to the City Commission’s refusal to address the 800-pound gorilla in its midst; i.e., the obscenely bloated school budget. At $12.9 million a year, it represents more than one-third of the entire city budget. Such inordinate spending is

Margate, Ventnor & Atlantic County Taxpayers to Bail Out Atlantic City?

Margate, Ventnor and other Atlantic County residents will likely help bail out Atlantic City, via a substantial tax hike later this year. Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson was not happy with the news. Neither were most of the mayors in Atlantic County. As Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian shared the

Reaction: Drug Abuse & How Narcan Affects Margate & Seashore Communities.

A few Margate residents made their feelings known at a City Commissioner meeting about how drug abuse and Narcan affects their seashore community. Indeed, things got a bit heated. LISTEN > The Margate Fire Department, as well as many other municipalities, now carry Narcan on all emergency vehicles, including

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