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Building a Beach-Side BUZZ; Ventnor Tourism and Marketing

After years of limited marketing and promotion of Ventnor City, it looks like tourism efforts are springing back to life….and not a moment too soon. As Summer 2015 quickly approaches, the newly announced volunteer organization called ‘Downtown Ventnor’ plans to spruce up the visual appeal of Ventnor city-scapes & signage.

Letter: Why Hide The Ocean With a Dune?

Letter to the editor: Margate has, for now at least, fended off the duneboggle. Atlantic City should follow its lead and remove, or at least dramatically lower, its dunes. A city that was built specifically to take advantage of the ocean now cannot even see it. No seaside community anywhere in the

Spotlight on Downbeach Deli in Margate

Delectable and Delicious – Your Favorite Kosher and Non-Kosher Deli Downbeach Deli is one of Absecon Island’s favorite delis. Located on Essex Avenue, they’re open seven days a week from 8a to 7:30p…..and til 8p on Friday and Saturday. Fresh and flavorful deli favorites for over 30 years. Fresh rotisserie

See Pics > Press Conference. Anti-Dune Margate Flanked by Pro-Dune Ventnor & Longport

SEE DUNES PRESS CONFERENCE PICS >> Ventnor Mayor Bagnell and Longport Mayor Russo held a cold & damp press conference this morning on the boardwalk at Oxford Ave. This particular location was picked due to it’s historic significance: it was destroyed in the storm of 1944. Photos of that period were

Pickleball Has Arrived in Margate, Combining Ping-Pong & Tennis.

Pickleball is a racquet sport that combines elements of badminton, tennis, and table tennis. Enthusiasm is growing for this oddly named past-time, that’s why Margate is proud to announce 3 brand new courts devoted to pickleball. Two, three, or four players use solid paddles made of wood or composite materials

Downbeach Foodie > Tutto Fresco Italian Grill is Big Hit in Ventnor

Ventnor is on a roll. Another vacant business district property has been leased and turned into a winner. Tutto Fresco is the latest culinary success here on Absecon Island. Specifically… Ventnor. Donna Peterson says:  Wonderful Italian restaurant. Big portion of food. Hot and delicious. Definitely recommend you try the seafood

Hammer Fiber Brings Better Web to Ventnor & Margate, Because Comcast Sucks.

Better wireless, voice, and mobile internet in Margate, Ventnor and Atlantic City? Yup. The digital monopoly known as Comcast needed some real competition for their so-so….sometimes AWFUL services.   That’s why we’re so happy that a company called Hammer Fiber is stepping up.   Hammer Fiber is busy rolling out

Custom Jeweler Dazzling Downbeach for Past 35 years.

I finally discovered a not-so-hidden jem in Ventnor recently. Pun intended. We needed some minor repair work done on a personal item. Hmmm. Where to go? I decided to pop into Tom Harris Custom Jeweler on Ventnor Ave. As Tom’s lovely wife Carol quickly took care of my issue, Mr.

When Will Ventnor & Margate School Boards Make Tough Decisions?

Ventnor and Margate Student enrollment on decline, while heavy costs remain. Ventnor school rooms lost 30% of their students over the last seven years. Ventnor School board President James Pacanowski agreed there’s a perception that the district may be overstaffed. Ventnor School Enrollment on Fast Decline: 2017 – 701 students

Ventnor City Recreation, Summer 2017 Schedule

The Ventnor City Recreation Department has planned the following activities for summer 2017: Memorial Day Weekend 2017 Men’s Baseball Tournament National men’s adult baseball teams from east coast states face off. Games are played in Somers Point, Margate and Ventnor ball fields all weekend long from 9 a.m. to 10

Finally. Ventnor Allows Residential Development at Old Sun Bank Site

The old Sun Bank property has sat vacant for the past 10 years at the corner of Atlantic & Surrey ave in Ventnor. But that’s all about to change Ventnor Resident, Steve Labov of Shovel Ready, LLC, will soon take this abandoned commercial property in the North Beach section of

Downbeach Foodie > Essex Seafood Opens May 19 in Margate

Nice! A place for take out & casual seafood in Margate. ESSEX SEAFOOD Co. Next to Downbeach Deli, Essex Seafood takes over the prime corner spot vacated by Riss BBQ. Coming this Summer to Marvelous Margate. Opens MAY 19. Clambakes, Lobster Dinners & Trays Clambake To Go $38.99 Fried Crab Balls

Fight Over Summer Flounder. Jersey Defends Key Summer Attraction.

Back in 2015, Atlantic County received a consultant report that pretty much said: DIVERSIFY or die. It told us to stop relying so much on ONE INDUSTRY: casinos, for sustenance. Instead, we should place more emphasis on our natural assets. One of them being the ocean and stuff that comes

Margate, Brigantine & Atlantic City Teachers Highest Paid in State

Jersey shore teachers don’t like having their salaries publicized. That being said, most local taxpayers, many with no voting rights, still want to see this vital info. The Press of Atlantic City published teacher salary averages and related info. Here’s a quick recap: Local government union workers such as teachers

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