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Building a Beach-Side BUZZ; Ventnor Tourism and Marketing

After years of limited marketing and promotion of Ventnor City, it looks like tourism efforts are springing back to life….and not a moment too soon. As Summer 2015 quickly approaches, the newly announced volunteer organization called ‘Downtown Ventnor’ plans to spruce up the visual appeal of Ventnor city-scapes & signage.

Letter: Why Hide The Ocean With a Dune?

Letter to the editor: Margate has, for now at least, fended off the duneboggle. Atlantic City should follow its lead and remove, or at least dramatically lower, its dunes. A city that was built specifically to take advantage of the ocean now cannot even see it. No seaside community anywhere in the

Spotlight on Downbeach Deli in Margate

Delectable and Delicious – Your Favorite Kosher and Non-Kosher Deli Downbeach Deli is one of Absecon Island’s favorite delis. Located on Essex Avenue, they’re open seven days a week from 8a to 7:30p…..and til 8p on Friday and Saturday. Fresh and flavorful deli favorites for over 30 years. Fresh rotisserie

See Pics > Press Conference. Anti-Dune Margate Flanked by Pro-Dune Ventnor & Longport

SEE DUNES PRESS CONFERENCE PICS >> Ventnor Mayor Bagnell and Longport Mayor Russo held a cold & damp press conference this morning on the boardwalk at Oxford Ave. This particular location was picked due to it’s historic significance: it was destroyed in the storm of 1944. Photos of that period were

Rare, Mature Margate Trees Often Lose Battle to Builders

Environmental crime scene in Margate? Those trying to preserve the last remaining vestiges of greenery in our Downbeach community likely feel this way. Quite frankly, we’re amazed that the destruction of mature trees can happen so easily. The green team behind Sustainable Downbeach provided this recent Letter to the Editor:

Longport Considers Update to Municipal Sign Ordinance

Longport construction signs… too big and well past their due date? Longport commissioners want to update their municipal sign ordinance. What’s the proper size for real estate and building contractor signs? According to the Downbeach Current, Longport Mayor Nick Russo says: “Contractor signs serve a purpose, they inform the Building

Fund Balance Nightmare Says Ventnor Mayor Beth Holtzman.

We have a ‘Fund Balance Nightmare’ says Ventnor Mayor Beth Holtzman. Leon Costello was the bearer of bad news last night inside the Chambers of Ventnor City Hall. The CPA provided data/financials & preliminary analysis that may be used to develop the next Ventnor Municipal Budget. Some discussion we heard….

Margate’s BRENDA TAUBE Seeking NJ State Assembly Seat

Brenda Taube of Margate has announced that she will seek the Republican nomination for New Jersey Assembly. Taube is well-positioned to win this Assembly seat with 25+ years of service in both the public and private sector. As a former Margate City Commissioner, Taube is well-known for running a financially

Ventnor To Update Rules As Lively Events & Concerts Grow

The VENTNOR recreation board is dealing with a GOOD problem. Events, concerts and other special gatherings in Ventnor are multiplying and attracting bigger crowds. Does the city need a refresh of rules, regulations and process? Yes. And that’s a good thing.  On Feb. 7, the REC board OK’ed another April

13 ft Dunes, Up to 100 ft Wide Coming to Margate & Ventnor

Sadly we report….get ready for some ugly dune building, destined to obstruct the summer views & cool breezes in Ventnor & Margate. Might these unsightly mountains hurt home values as well? Most real estate agents think so. A handful of Margate homeowners kept up the good fight though. They dug

Now Hiring Pier Master/Fishing Pier Attendant – Part Time, Seasonal

The City of Ventnor is looking to hire a Pier Master and Pier Attendant or Attendants. These positions are seasonal and will be available April through September. The Pier Office will be open from 8 a.m. until 12 Midnight, shift work will be required. This position works under the direct

Wellington Ave in Ventnor Gets Major Upgrades: Spring 2017

Look for a better Wellington Avenue in Ventnor come this spring. Atlantic County has scheduled road reconstruction from the Black Horse Pike to Dorset Avenue. Work will begin in late March 2017. New Jersey Department of Transportation and South Jersey Transportation Planning Organization ok’ed $2mil to pave Wellington Ave., technically known

Balloon Ban in Atlantic City, Ventnor, Margate & Longport.

Absecon lsland is on the way to banning those festive but environmentally toxic balloons. Atlantic City, Ventnor, Margate, and Longport have started to ban the outdoor release of helium-filled balloons. Get caught and it will cost you $500. City Council of Atlantic City joined their Absecon Island neighbors in balloon

Ventnor Movie Theater Close to Sale? Tear Down or Fixer-Upper?

Maybe. Just maybe. The old Ventnor Movie Theatre looks to be under contract for a sale based on a sign out front. Don’t get too excited. ‘Under-contract” doesn’t mean it’s a done deal. But we do think it’s a sign that this once great parcel of land along Ventnor Ave.

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