1,000+ Students Converge on Margate Beaches for Annual Ritual

Courtesy of Ricky Reports: Thousands of high school and college students have once again descended on the Margate beach on this Memorial Day Weekend. Many come from Philadelphia’s Main Line suburbs. Police tell the ‘Ricky Report’ that they have increased their presence here after a large fight last year made national headlines.

In the 2 hours Ricky Report was on the beach, 8 people were given citations for having an open container. In Margate, that comes with a $100 fine.

An undercover cop was telling those they were citing that “run and you go to jail.” Multiple people have also been arrested this weekend. Unclear on what charges.

Social Media Feedback:

Arthur Lerner: Time for all you folks to take a breath, remember back to when we came to the shore beaches. We all made it thru & grew up. Leave these kids alone, they’re no different today than yesterday. You’re all jealous that your youth is gone. Me, I watch & suck it all in.

Tamera Poprik: When a city begins to deny teens & those in their mid-20s access to beaches, the city will begin to financially die. These are the day-trippers that we want and need to see in the summertime. The crowd was not unruly. They were not disrespectful. They did not hurt or violate anyone or anything. Those that did violate city ordinances received penalties and or were arrested. that happens throughout the country on a daily basis. Margate did it’s job. That’s the bottom line.

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Sybil Lewkowitz: The past several Memorial Day weekends in Margate has kind of been the host for a college holiday weekend crowd.The police taking some off the beach in handcuffs. Vile behavior, using public & private property to evacuate openly. This is not an entire summer happening. Just this weekend. Last year they used the garage at Margate Towers for their bathrooms. YUK.

Sad thing: kids under 21 have nowhere to go at night, but walk the streets and hang out with each other. No pinball machines, no mini golf (yet), no place to hear music unless there’s a concert on the beach.

Joni Gamber Drammissi: One solution to the masses of spring breakers would be beach tags starting the Thursday b4 Memorial Day weekend.

Susan Kelleher: Add beach tag checkers on EVERY street. If homeowners are paying for beach tags, everyone should. On my street, there’s rarely someone checking. Tons of people without tags. When someone comes around to check, they seem to target older people who have their tags displayed.

Stuart Dibofsky: I work part time @ Johnny’s parking lot. I’ve never seen so many Tweens in one area as I did yesterday. Actually ages 12-18 were the majority. Hundreds! However, they were polite, well behaved & just happy to be here!

Ricky Sayer

RickyReports.TV is a student created news website that acts as a home for content created by Bryn Mawr’s Ricky Sayer. He attends Syracuse University where he studies Broadcast & Digital Journalism.

Ricky, 19, has been a student reporter since he was 13. He summers in Ventnor.


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