2019 Margate School Teacher Salaries

2019 Margate School Teacher Salaries

As a public service to all Margate Taxpayers, these are the base salaries for the Margate NJ School District Teachers. 

Base salaries below do not include additional compensation like healthcare, pension, longevity, unused sick & vacation time payouts.

  • It costs Margate taxpayers approx $32,000 per student.
  • Student enrollment has slipped to less than 350, split between 2 schools.
  • Over $4.6 million in annual Margate teacher salaries.
Last Name Salary
BECKER $123,136
GASKILL $106,000
BARUFFI $568 per day
CAMPBELL $62,500
ADAMS $96,145
ANDERSEN $67,000
BARTH $96,145
BRENNAN $96,145
BRUSCATO $96,145
CAFIERO $62,250
CAREY $59,999
CAREY $96,145
CRAWFORD $62,000
CROMPTON $69,000
CROSS $59,492
CUEVAS $99,145
CURLL $99,145
DESALLE $67,500
DREXLER $83,000
EVANS $36,295
GRIMLEY $62,500
HUGHES $96,145
JONES $96,145
JONES $100,145
LAMEY $96,145
LE VAN $96,145
MAGEL $96,145
MALLEN $96,145
MARTINS $64,000
MC GONIGLE $96,145
MCGUIGAN $61,750
MIDURE $99,145
MILLER $64,750
PETITT $99,145
PINTER $96,145
PINTER $96,145
REEVES $96,145
ROLAND $69,500
SAAVEDRA $90,145
SANCHEZ $77,000
SCOTT $99,145
STERLING $99,145
SYKES $99,145
THOMAS $81,500
TONER $96,145
UJCICH $61,500
VALENCIA $96,145

8 thoughts on “2019 Margate School Teacher Salaries”

  1. Jill Ann Perry-Zaborowski says: How about putting the amount of years the teachers have been there, their level of education and certifications, how about posting how much firefighters and police officers make, especially those in the position over 10/15 years? $90,000 and in the same job for over 10 years??? I think it’s a disgrace that these teachers have to be ridiculed and have their lives even more broadcasted out there and have no privacy. These are wonderful human beings that give our children a wonderful education. People buy and live here for this purpose!!! People buy here knowing this and knowing how LOW our taxes are!!!! All this newspaper does is try to start arguments and bickering among people. You going to share Ventnor and Ocean City and Atlantic City and all the surrounding cities? Or just try to bash Margate only like you love to do???? Almost seems like you have a vendetta against this city. And NO you do NOT have my permission to use my comments or reprint them!!!!!

    1. Jill You published your own comments on a public site on Facebook and Downbeach buzz.
      Downbeach buzz has your permission to post.

      What was published by the buzz regarding the salaries is public information that can be derived from the City of Margate as public information.This can be requested through an OPRA request..Unfortunately years of service is not included in the information presented here.

      Throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania the salaries for a teacher range from $66,800 to just under $100,000 per year. The teachers at the highest levels have 16 plus years of service.

      The salaries in Margate are in line as long as time of service is in line.Unfortunately the information provided by this news service did not provide time of service.

      No condemnation of the school system was presented, just public information.

      Unfortunately additional information should have been provided such as who is the librarian , maintenance people etc. and their salaries etc.. All public information.

    2. Amen !
      It seems that those who give the most to our society are mistreated. Teachers, Firefighters and Police Officers deserve every dollar they earn and more. Compare their salaries to that of politicians who basically do nothing for our society aside from lining their pockets.

      1. 100,000 dollarsalary divided by 180 school days is 555 dollars per day or 70 dollar per hour…pretty good compensation I think

  2. I think it’s absolutely RIDICULOUS that teachers are getting so much abuse about their salaries when they do a tremendous job with our students! Getting the blue ribbon award and having our children receive an incredible education is THE reason we purchased a home here.
    We have one of the lowest tax rate in the county and attacking our schools will NOT lower your taxes. So go and find something else to complain about on all of your free time while the rest of us work hard to make our community better!

    1. Clark Hindelang

      There is absolutely nothing wrong with these salaries. They are fair and competitive for New Jersey. As a matter of fact, $106,000 for a Principal is cheap. Ryan Gaskill should be making in the $125,000 range. Also, factor in that depending on single, husband and wife, or family health coverage the teacher pays $1500-to over $2000 per month for health care. I retired 2 years ago from Atlantic City after 20 years, a simple Bachelor’s, and grossed $97,500. By the way, every teacher’s salary in New Jersey can be found online. It is public record. Now do your googling. 🤷‍♂️😎

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