2021 NJ Saltwater Recreational Fishing Limits, Fluke vs Flounder.

By far, the most popular fish to catch is Summer Flounder, also known as ‘Fluke’. Mild, flaky white fish you can fry, bake, broil and stuff.

NJ Summer Flounder season is from May 22 thru Sept 19, 2021. 3 fish per-person limit. Must be at least 18 inches in length.

Margate Area Party Boats for Summer Flounder

Summer Flounder Fishing Margate Fluke Party Boat Half Day
Doormat Summer Flounder

Summer Flounder Sizes 

Flounder over 10 lbs. are considered ‘doormats’ for their size and shape. Some female fluke grow as large as 25 lbs and can live for 20 years.

Male fluke rarely exceed 7 years of age and 5 pounds in weight. Most fluke caught by recreational fisherman are small and male. They’re called throwbacks or ‘shorts’… somewhere between 14 – 17 inches in length. Many ‘shorts’ die when thrown back.


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