2021 Ventnor Citizens Advisory Board Appointed

Ventnor City Hall

Ventnor Commissioners appointed new members to the ad hoc, Citizens Advisory Committee.

Ad hoc means: when necessary or needed.

This group was chosen to provide commissioners with a citizens perspective on various government operations. Mayor Holtzman and Commissioners Landgraf and Kriebel are not bound by their suggestions or recommendations.

The Ventnor Citizens Advisory provides input on items such as:

  • finance and budget
  • public works
  • public safety
  • economic development
  • code and construction
  • recreation
  • other issues affecting community

2021 Ventnor Citizens Advisory Board:

  • Scott Bluth
  • Ed Cahan
  • Tom Hewitt
  • Kenneth Gordon
  • Jim Quinlan
  • Bill Thomas
  • Christopher Breece
  • Kenneth Zucker
  • Scott Oster
  • Bob Gross
  • Jeff Jaskol
  • Rand Snyderman.

Currently, there is no Ventnor Taxpayers Association or Ventnor Homeowners Association.

7 thoughts on “2021 Ventnor Citizens Advisory Board Appointed”

  1. Glenn L. Silverstein

    Great, can they suggest that the streets surrounding the Ventnor theatre be designated PERMIT ONLY. The reality is that four-hour parking means four hours from the time the tires are marked and people without driveways may not be able to park in front of their own homes.

  2. Over 50% of residents in NORTH BEACH do not have one parking spot on their own property. 2 hour parking worked fine for 20+ years.

    Happy to see movie theater here but this is their problem, not ours. They had room in the rear, why not build a two story parking garage? Or buy vacant buildings across the street and make a parking lot there.

    Option #3: they need to offer valet parking. If you’re eating there, i’s free, if not $10.00.

    Very interesting list of members on the Advisory Board. 12 men and not one woman. REALLY?

  3. Exactly, an advisory committee of all men! It’s 2021…. surely there are enough capable, intelligent women in Ventnor. Sad that the female commissioner/mayor would not oppose this all-male representation….

      1. I want the best people. I don’t care if they’re all Black or all White or all Asian or all Indian or all women or all men or any combination. Quality, talent, knowledge, experience and merit is all that matters. Stop with your politically correct nonsense.

  4. Thank you, Richard G for noticing. A woman’s point of view is vital to any committee.
    Let’s make it a baker’s dozen and add a little female perspective.

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