2022 Polar Bear Plunge, Downbeach Double-Header in Ventnor & Margate

JAN 1, 2022 Margate Plunge

It’s back. Another Polar Bear plunge to ring in the 2022 New Year.

Your choice of two icy dips. Why not do both? A Downbeach double-header in Ventnor and Margate.

The Margate Polar Bear Plunge happens at 12 noon on Jan 1, 2022.

2020 Margate Polar Bear Plunge

Well over 1,000 expected to take a dip on the beach at Essex Ave, next to the Margate Fishing Pier.

As usual, Robert’s Place in Margate will provide the before and after plunge ‘warm-ups’.

NOTE: Robert’s will sell special T-shirts with proceeds benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project.

2012 Margate Polar Bear Plunge

The Ventnor Polar Bear Plunge begins at 1 pm and happens on the beach between Newport and Portland Aves.

Wear a bathing suit, dress in costume, or come as you are and enjoy the festivities.

The plunge is a 27-year Margate tradition on New Year’s Day.

Margate Polar Bear Plungers will head out to the Essex Ave beach at 11:30. At noon, many brave souls will hold their breathe as they run into the icy waters of the Atlantic.

Due to massive crowds, Margate’s Polar Bear Plunge typically allows people to park their cars on the beach for this event.

2022 Ventnor Margate Polar Bear Plunge

3 thoughts on “2022 Polar Bear Plunge, Downbeach Double-Header in Ventnor & Margate”

  1. With Delta spreading wildly and Omicron on the way the last place I’d recommend anyone go is into a crowd of people inside or outside all tightly packed together. People are acting as though the pandemic is over, it’s NOT.

    1. You are correct; the never-ending pandemic is not over, but the American people are getting OVER IT! Mask up if you wish, grab extra tissues and some Vitamin C. Those who are fully vaccinated will survive it and just fine. Our lives must go on……

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