$43 Million of New Margate Tax Ratables Each Year. Time to Sell Tighe School.

Margate is swimming in new tax revenue. So far in 2018, $35 million in added assessments. That’s according to Richard Deaney, the Margate Business Administrator.

Deaney reports on total Margate added tax assessments (additional tax revenue from new construction & higher assessments)

  • $35 mil in 2018  (so far)
  • $43 mil in 2017
  • $35 mil in 2016
  • $36 mil in 2015
  • $29 mil in 2014
  • $30 mil in 2013

Listen to Margate Commissioners. Why no tax relief? Close Tighe School. Oct 4, 2018

Margate resident John Sewell reminds the commissioners of $35-43 million of new tax ratables every year….but no tax relief. Why?

Sewell: Margate commissioners will offer a bogus tax reduction in 2019 to sweeten their re-election chances. $13.5 million annual school budget. Nepotism & patronage. School district needs to downsize.

The Margate school board has miserable track record of failing all seven indicators of efficiency. It’s in dire need of adult supervision.

Margate Taxpayers are saddled with a $32,000 annual cost per student.

Would Atlantic Cape Community College be interested in buying Tighe School and the recreation field? Use proceeds to pay off bond debt, build a boardwalk, back bay dredge, or start a ‘Mikey Becker’ scholarship. Expose students to Margate. Encourage year round residents. Make that property a taxable entity.

Margate must become a sending district. Saving senior citizens millions of dollars in property tax relief each year.

Sewell warns against NJ State coming in…and forcing new rules on the Margate school district.

  • Margate School board is appointed by Mayor Becker.
  • Ventnor is interested in a merger with Margate.
  • Margate must become a ‘sending district’

Sewell references a pending lawsuit that NJ Gov Murphy is closely following.

From NJ Spotlight: A lawsuit alleging the public-school enrollment residency requirement is unconstitutional. There are indications that the Murphy administration might be willing to settle and make efforts to desegregate schools. The suit suggests students be allowed to choose where to attend classes from a host of options that include magnet schools centered on an educational theme; an interdistrict system allowing them to cross town borders; or a controlled-choice scheme that could place them involuntarily in a school to ensure racially diversity.

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