7 Dead Whales, Latest Washes up On Brigantine Beach


In the last 45 days, the count is now 7 dead whales that have washed up on NJ & NY beaches.

Natural occurrence? Boat strike? Caught in fish nets?

How about sonar blasts used for wind turbine research? This tactic helps ‘map and measure’ the ocean floor. Data is used to help construct offshore wind farms.

Sonar blasts are harmful to marine life that depends on sonar (sound) for finding food and navigating the depths.

NJ Gov Murphy pushing hard to build the largest, experimental offshore wind farm in America. Just 10-12 miles off the coast of South Jersey.

On Friday, Jan. 13, Congressman Jeff Van Drew demanded that all offshore wind activity in the state of New Jersey end, following an unprecedented number of whales that have washed ashore in the New Jersey/New York area over the past month. 

“Since offshore wind projects were being proposed by Governor Murphy to be built off the coast of New Jersey, I have been adamantly opposed to any activity moving forward until research disclosed the impacts these projects would have on our environment and the impacts on the fishing industry,” said Congressman Van Drew.

Ocean life is being put at risk. We have seen a complete lack of transparency from New Jersey’s leaders.

Van Drew: I demand that all offshore wind activity be halted until it is properly determined what the effects of these activities are having on our marine life. I will be calling for congressional investigations into the matter. 

Van Drew noted latest announcement from Governor Murphy : yet another offshore wind project.

Margate, Longport and Ventnor not likely to support Van Drew’s effort to investigate whale deaths.


Wind turbine research. Don’t want to disturb recent grant awards from the ProNJ Grantor Trust, a $15 million fund established by Ørsted and Ocean Wind. Their goal is to grow the offshore wind industry in New Jersey. 

  • Borough of Longport – $368,750 to replace and upgrade stormwater piping along Winchester Avenue and sections of 34th Avenue, in addition to replacing pumping equipment and the construction of a new pumping station by 31st Avenue and the bay;
  • City of Margate – $446,880 to construct a new, submersible stormwater pump station near the intersection of Adams Avenue and Amherst Avenue, and to construct a sewer interconnection from Washington Avenue to the underground vault;
  • City of Ventnor – $546,003 to replace 500 linear feet of failing bulkhead that protects a residential area and water infrastructure under Winchester Avenue and reconstruct the roadway, including sidewalk and curbing replacement;

A so-called WIND MONEY advisory committee helps review and recommend the most appropriate proposals for funding. Some of those members that pick the winners are:

  • Brian K. Jackson, Chief Operating Officer, Stockton University Atlantic City
  • Dr. Barbara Gaba, President,  Atlantic Cape Community College
  • Zenith Shah, Co-Founder, Authentic City Partners
  • Lori Pepenella, CEO Southern Ocean County Chamber of Commerce

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9 thoughts on “7 Dead Whales, Latest Washes up On Brigantine Beach”

  1. I live in Margate and I support Van Drew’s effort to investigate whale deaths.
    Like Ralph, I’d prefer the opinions of marine biologists.

  2. Washing ashore of whales has nothing to do with wind farm. Whales wash ashore usually result of sickness or injury. Bad weather, old age.

    1. What a waste of a comment. Do you mind sharing the actual evidence for the conclusion you’ve drawn typing this to the wind farm activity? All that was stated is the whale deaths need to be investigated.

  3. If some of you can’t put the puzzle together and realize the wind farms do more harm then good you can look at the statistics of the thousands of dead birds caused by the turbines right down to Texans who froze and or starvex to death last year due to no electricity from the wind farms freezing up. And Van Drew has every right to look into this mess as a congressman. Maybe he will be able to get Murphy to stop this insanity. The Earth changes period. Humanity wants a feel good project to save humanity while killing everything else along the journey. Just stop.

    1. Sadly, people freeze to death when their electric fails, their oil runs out or their gas line ruptured, but you didn’t mention those as it doesn’t fit your narrative. Similarly, how about the environmental damage from fossil fuel generation and transport (like Exxon Valdez, pipeline breaks) you conveniently left out. Are those feel good projects?

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