90% of Ventnor Homes Must Replace Lead-Based Pipes

Ventnor homeowners will have 10 years to replace all lead-based pipes on their property. That’s a fed and state mandate. New Jersey is the first to institute a deadline.

Watch video from Ventnor Commissioner Meeting of Aug 25, 2022.

Ventnor CFO said it’s a knee jerk reaction to what happened in Flint, Michigan.

Ventnor Public Works Chief / Engineer Ed Stinson reports that a significant # of properties, approx 5,200, have lead / galvanized service (water) lines that will need to be replaced within the next 10 years.

Homeowners must replace curb to building piping, or show proof that it’s been replaced.

Ordinance must be in place prior to any grant applications being submitted.

Estimated rough cost that taxpayers could face: $65-$75 million over next 10 yrs.

Something City of Ventnor is being forced to do.

Commissioner Landgraf

Ventnor is a ‘water purveyor’.

Proposed ordinance gives Ventnor full access to outer wall of each house.

Galvanized steel pipes and flexible lead pipes can leach lead into the water it carries. Lead poisoning can occur. As of 1987, homes are no longer built with any type of lead service line.

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9 thoughts on “90% of Ventnor Homes Must Replace Lead-Based Pipes”

    1. I’m not sure I understand your math post, but here is mine:
      5200 homes with lead pipes/10 years=520 homes a year need to have lead pipes replaced.
      520 homes a year/52 weeks a year means that 10 homes every week for 10 years will need to get completed to fulfill the Ventnor mandate.
      It’s hard to get plumbers and supplies now, so if your home needs this work, it’s time to plan and budget it now.

  1. This is from the above article: “ Ordinance must be in place prior to any grant applications being submitted.” Does that means that the cost to replace these connections is paid by the homeowner who then applies for a grant from the City of Ventnor and/or the State of NJ to cover all or part of the costs?

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