Absecon Island Community Group Wants Sober Living Home Regulation

Hansen Sober Living Homes Ventnor Atlantic City

Sober-living homes becoming bigger issue for many South Jersey shore towns, especially in Ventnor and Atlantic City.

To be clear, these facilities do good work. They’re needed. But what about safety, neighborhood home values and local code violations?

Coalition of Absecon Island Communities issued press release. Some excerpts:                     

Collection of Absecon Island community groups:

The Coalition of Absecon Island Communities fully supports responsible Sober Living Homes. They’re meeting with New Jersey officials to share suggestions for a regulated, credentialed and monitored, sober-living system. 

St Leonards Tract Ventnor
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Sober Living Homes can be a good neighbor. There’s a real need to help those with drug and alcohol addiction. They need the support of family and community to regain dignity, purpose in life, with a safe road to recovery.

Currently, there is no oversight nor community input regarding sober living homes. In our opinion, this needs to change so all can benefit.

We believe all service-based business in New Jersey needs to obtain a license. The same should apply to sober living homes. Mandatory licensing. A system to qualify and maintain that license should be in place.

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Introducing too many sober living homes into a small (geographic) area, changes the character of a residential community.

We’re extremely concerned that if Sober Living Homes are clustered into a (particular) community, we will become a Sober Living Home District.

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A Sober Living Home District would reduce not only quality of life issues, but home values as well.

We desire a good working relationship with the owners of sober living homes and the communities they’re located in.

Signed, The Coalition of Absecon Island Communities

Contact: aicoalitionnj@gmail.com

Business of Real Estate and Sober Living Homes

There are approx 26 sober living homes through-out the Downbeach area. At least 3 are owned or managed by Jennifer Hansen of the Hansen Foundation. The Real Estate developer is looking to expand her holdings, complete with tax exempt status.

Hansen Foundation manages 3, side-by-side sober living homes on South Austin Ave in Ventnor.

According to the official Ole Hansen website, Jennifer Hansen is the Director of Real Estate Development.

OLE HANSEN Mission Statement:
To capitalize on a variety of land-based opportunities.


5 thoughts on “Absecon Island Community Group Wants Sober Living Home Regulation”

  1. There is one in back of a friends house in Ventnor unfortunately the house is a mess. The police have to be called almost daily. Party’s and drugs cursing at all hours of the night. Cursing at the neighbors.

  2. My heart breaks for those, who for no fault of their own, have to deal with these addiction challenges.

    I believe Sober homes should not be clustered. I also believe that Sober Homes, if not currently doing it, should voluntarily enter into PILOT agreements to cover their home’s fair share of the cost of community services provided (Fire, Police, Trash, Water/Sewer, etc).

    I realize it may not be required, but it seems fair to the community and something a good corporate citizen would do.

    Thank you for the opportunity to comment; I realize this is a complex issue with many perspectives.

  3. Agree, Regulations along with documenting these houses with the city is needed. I don’t think the city really knows how many are in Ventnor.

    I stopped by city hall last year and reported that at 124 N Lafayette, it’s a sober living house on the top floor and a Airbnb on the bottom floor.

    They (Ventnor) had no record on file that it was a sober house. It’s still up n running with parties from weekend Airbnb warriors.

    A great recipe for disaster for the kids trying to get clean.

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