Accusations of Voter Fraud in Margate

Dirty Tricks.

Election day in Margate is Tuesday, May 9. A race so close that some may resort to risky tactics while pumping up their preferred candidates.

During the May 4, 2023 public comment, Margate Commissioners were asked about recent text messages transmitted to Margate residents.

Listen: Accusations of alleged election fraud and slander in Margate.

Margate Solicitor John Scott Abbott remarked; imagine that, dirty politics.

Some may delegate smear and slander campaigns to 3rd party orgs.

Margate Mayor Mike Becker was irritated by the topic. Becker barked: What do you want me to do?

A so-called smear / slander campaign against one of the two rival teams vying for Margate Commission seats.

Margate City Clerk: It’s false advertising. Freedom of speech. Nothing I can do. There is no voter fraud. I can assure you of that.

5 thoughts on “Accusations of Voter Fraud in Margate”

  1. There is no voter fraud here. Some jerk took a small snippet of a facebook stream from last February , where a person advised another that if you want to vote here you must be a full time registered resident.

    That person responded that they wanted to vote here but wanted to remain an out of state resident.

    A person responded,change your residency and then change it back.

    That is not voter fraud.

    Our city clerk chimed in with 1st amendment rights.
    She should stick to being a clerk.
    1st amendment does not apply in this matter. Who is she defending?

    Such bs in the nasty campaign run by Blumberg and company.
    If they win what else will they cover up and lie about?

    1. It’s not voter fraud to misrepresent your primary residence to vote in an election you’re not allowed to vote in? If not, it should be.

      If there’s even one documented case of this on Tuesday, time to call the ACLU.

      1. Ralph
        In order to vote here you must get a NJ drivers license. Change your address at Social Security.
        Change all addresses for credit cards, bank accounts, auto registration and insurance.
        In some states, file a declaration of domicile with the county or circuit court.
        Change your filing state for local, State and Federal taxes.

        Make sure you are registered with a Margate address and a registered voter. You can verify it with your name and birthdate on the Atlantic County web site.
        Then you can vote here. That is not voter fraud.

        If a person then wants to change back to their prior state registration and go through that entire process again. They have every right to do so.
        That is not voter fraud.

        In order to vote in this May election, you would have had to fo sll this by April 17th?

        All this talk and false accusations to gain votes is an insult to peoples intelligence.

        Saying there is a Philly political boss here is just plain stupid and insulting to all.

        If you believe that there is voter fraud here as alleged to be true then I have a great deal for you for the Brooklyn Bridge.

        If you believe the Blumberg team then I wish you well.
        Look in the mirror and ask yourself this.

        Am I stupid?

  2. Have you looked at the voter registration list lately that Johanna Casey has.
    It has people listed to vote who are dead.
    People who have moved away!!!
    If there is fraud it will be by Blumberg and Company along with the real political bosses John Amodeo and Michael Becker

    I have lived here my entire life and never saw such a disgraceful and full of lies campaign by Margates own.

  3. “The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.” Marcus Aurelius
    Also -“Don’t believe everything you think.”

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