Podcast: Stockton University President, Harvey Kesselman.

Stockton Harvey Kesselman. Mel Toxic Taylor. Atlantic City

Some up-close & personal talk-time with Dr. Harvey Kesselman, President of Stockton University.


The good Doctor was crazy busy with bringing Stockton to the shores of Atlantic City in Fall 2018.

He invited us in for a digital chit-chat.

We packed up the mobile podcast studio and pointed our GPS to the Galloway campus of Stockton University.

Audio from March 2017.

Dr. Kesselman is somewhat amused by my old Radio DJ name. (Mel Toxic)

Some topics discussed & stuff we learned:

  • Mayflower Hotel, The original Stockton….back in 1971.
  • Dr. Kesselman once had longer hair than me. Much longer.
  • We’re both Philly & Delco (Delaware County, PA) guys.
  • Stockton Safe vs Sanctuary.

Stockton is a designated ‘anchor’ project for Atlantic City. Yes, Atlantic Club was considered as a campus location.

What about Bader Field potential?

  • Chris Palandino from AC Devco
  • Jingoli
  • Stockton’s skilled architect/development staff.
  • Atlantic City Campus, Island Campus or Boardwalk Campus?
  • Skinny on those past Showboat issues.

ACprimetime Stockton University with Dr. Harvey Kesselman PODCAST.

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