Advena Absent from Critical Atlantic City School Board Vote

Michael Advena Ventnor Atlantic City Scholl Board
Advena Absent For Critical Vote.

It unclear why Ventnor’s representative on the Atlantic City School Board, Michael Advena, missed a key vote on March 18, 2021.

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Advena would have voted if he attended the special meeting where Board introduced a $224.42 million budget for 2021-22 school year.

Atlantic City School Board members also voted… again… for Board President. Shay Steele won that vote, potentially due to Advena’s absence.

As a ‘sending district’ representative of Ventnor, Advena voted YES to investigate AC School Board member Farook Hossain’s residency. Opponents claim this vote suppressed Hossain’s vote.

Hossain vindicated. Last week, a judge reinstated Hossain’s vote on the Atlantic City School Board.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Residents fear an independent investigation into student sex abuse within school district will not move forward.

WATCH VIDEO: Craig Callaway talks AC student sex abuse.

Craig Callaway

LaQuetta Small, Principal of ACHS, is married to AC Mayor Marty Small.

LaQuetta Small hopes to become the next AC School District Superintendent. Her unfortunate connection to the Kayan Frazier student sex abuse case likely to remove her from consideration for that job.

Kayan Frazier plead guilty to an ugly assortment of child sex abuse.

The relative of AC Mayor Marty Small & ACHS Principal LaQuetta Small, worked within the school district, in multiple schools.

Even as serious questions arose about his activity with school children, Frazier was still able to get a job at NJ Child Protective Services.

It should be noted: Last year, ACBOE Ventnor representative Kim Bassford voted AGAINST an independent investigation into how a child predator was allowed to work within multiple, AC elementary schools.

Soon thereafter, Bassford was replaced by Joe McDevitt, who sadly passed away a few weeks later.

Mayor Holtzman of Ventnor then selected McDevitt’s replacement on the Atlantic City School Board. It was Michael Advena.

Ventnor Mayor Beth Holtzman (middle)


2 thoughts on “Advena Absent from Critical Atlantic City School Board Vote”

  1. When Ventnor appoints representative (Advena) and he doesn’t show up to vote, he’s a disgrace. Ventnor Mayor Holtzman should, in the interest of the children, remove him. Doing nothing shows no moral character on her part.

    Craig Callaway makes a great point. When it’s black on black crime, it’s acceptable to look the other way.

    Too much at stake for the Mayor of Atlantic Coty and his wife (LaQuetta) who has aspirations of becoming the School District Superintendent. Its all about the MONEY for them. The kids are collateral damage for their thirst for money.

  2. Daniel Feinberg

    Why would anyone be surprised? The Mayor’s wife as a highly paid superintendent? Sure! It is Atlantic City, where every administration is crooked or worse!

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