Advena Picked to Represent Ventnor on Chaotic Atlantic City School Board. Student Sex Abuse Investigation?

Michael Advena Ventnor School Board
Advena of Ventnor Sending District

Ventnor parents are asking: where’s the investigation of child sex abuse within the Atlantic City school district?

That’s just one of the priorities for Michael Advena, the latest AC school board member to represent Ventnor, a ‘sending district‘ to Atlantic City High School.

Atlantic City substitute teacher, Kayan Frazier, a relative of ACHS principal LaQuetta Small and AC Mayor Marty Small, was found to be a child predator. Frazier plead guilty.

Smalls, Frazier, Caldwell.

Surprisingly, an independent, internal investigation requested by ACBOE, Atlantic City Board of Education, was temporarily squashed. An investigation would have determined how to make sure this never happens again.

During a OCT 20, 2020 school board meeting, a vote was called. Due to inherent conflict of interest, should the AC School Board hire independent council to investigate this student sex abuse matter?

  • Patricia Bailey: NO
  • Kim Bassford: (Ventnor Representative) NO
  • Ruth Byard: NO
  • Subrata Chowdhury: YES
  • Albert Herbert: YES
  • Farook Hossein: YES
  • Kazi Islam: YES
  • Shay Steele: NO
  • Allen Thomas: YES
  • John Devlin: YES

Kayan Frazier was accused of producing & distributing child pornography. Frazier was also accused of taking 3rd & 5th grade students to his home. Some slept over in Frazier’s bed.

An FBI special agent wrote in a 2019 complaint that Frazier was fired from his job as a substitute teacher after he was accused of letting a young male student “visit his home and sleep in his bed.” He was accused of texting a 9-year-old student after hours.

Atlantic City residents were shocked to learn that even after all this, Frazier was still picked for a job at NJ Child Protective Services.

Kayan Frazier is the cousin of ACHS principal LaQuetta Small, who’s wants to become the next superintendent of the AC School district. Small’s behavior being called into question. Did LaQuetta Small do enough to stop her predator cousin?

LaQuetta Small is married to the Atlantic City Mayor. She enjoys the support of morning radio host, Harry Hurley of WPG 1450am. LISTEN >

Harry Hurley LaQuetta Small
WPG Radio Host Supports Small

Once found out, LaQuetta Small did recommend Frazier be removed from school. Was that enough? ‘Of course not’ say those familiar with the situation.


Read more and watch video: ATLANTIC CITY STUDENT SEX ABUSE.

3 thoughts on “Advena Picked to Represent Ventnor on Chaotic Atlantic City School Board. Student Sex Abuse Investigation?”

  1. Im hoping Bassford was removed after her disgusting vote. How can a woman vote against investigating this. I want to know more about this, what else has she covered up.

  2. They should all be fired and replaced. Restitution should be awarded. Glen Mills school was closed after their scandal and COVER UP. It’s a disgrace that these Adults aren’t held accountable for their cover up. These kids will never be able to undo what these so called adults have done to them emotionally. Disgraceful!!! But in true AC form they won’t do a thing to protect these children and hold themselves accountable to the public they serve

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