After 10 Yummy Years, Agnes Cafe in Ventnor Changes Ownership.

Agnes Cafe Ventnor

Ventnor foodies were surprised to hear the bad news, followed by some very good news.

After a decade of feeding hungry mouths, Agnes Cafe on Ventnor Ave is changing ownership. The team behind Velo Cafe will now take the reigns.

Agnes and Tom Ritzel are moving on to their next adventure.

The couple did an amazing job running the breakfast and lunch destination. Fresh homemade muffins, bagels, cream cheese and spreads, homemade soups and polish specialties, too.

Agnes came to New Jersey from Poland in 2007. After a quick stint at the Borgata, Agnes grew her food skills at various local restaurants, eventually opening the eatery on Ventnor Ave in March of 2012.

11 thoughts on “After 10 Yummy Years, Agnes Cafe in Ventnor Changes Ownership.”

  1. Congratulations Agnes & Tom you did an amazing job @ Agness Cafe hope the new owners can match your standards. Very happy for you. Hope your next adventure is
    still local so I can see what your next adventure is. I am sure you will make it successful also, Good luck, one of your many happy satisfied customers. Luv your peach muffins THE BEST !

    1. Ahh°!! We just went here for the first time this year and it was so different! Was wondering why! Where are you opening next?? We will follow you anywhere! Missing your iced coffee and breakfast!

  2. We will miss Agnes and wish her and Tom the best of luck in their new adventure. Agnes Cafe was a great local spot with delicious food, awesome service and wonderful people!

  3. So sorry to hear this news Agneshka. I will miss you and your very accomplished staff especially Alfredo. Your place was the only one I would suggest to my friends when they said “where do you want to meet.”
    Wishing you all the best in your next adventure. Please stay on the island. Iris

  4. And your breakfast food was delish. The best omelets on the island. Your food was consistently great along with the service. But the real stand out was the bakery! Your restaurant was always sparkling clean. I loved the buttery yellow and khaki uniforms. You did a top-notch job all the time. Thank you so much for being so dependable.

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