After 12 Months, Margate Homeowners Still Waiting for Repair Money.

Margate Mayor Becker. Mathis Construction Lawsuit.
Margate Commissioners

It’s been a year since homes along Amherst were damaged by street work. Some properties worse than others. The fight for repair money is still ongoing.

Margate Homeowners vs Mathis Construction. Listen:

Margate Solicitor John Scott Abbott: Mediation with Mathis contractor is coming up.

Public comment: communication from City of Margate is lacking.

You guys destroyed my house. My house is broken. It’s frustrating.

Was meeting pushed back?

Affected Margate homeowners getting low-ball offers from insurance company.

One homeowner had to fix their home before selling.

Margate hired the contractor. Margate should stand behind citizens. Poor communication from city.

Solicitor Abbott: Margate has sued to prohibit Mathis from ever working in the city again.

Poor Paving.

Street paving between Essex and Clarendon. Poor work. Payment being held up. Bad grade of asphalt.

We’re not getting information. When we do, then it changes.

Margate Backbay Dredging Update.

Need to do sampling of dredge material. Stockton Research Center will do that.

City wide dredge permit still needs to be submitted.

Unknown if Ventnor signed off on project. (Ventnor owns 1/2 of Shelter Island spoils dump site)

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