After 5 Months, Margate Finally Looks To Fill Empty Business Admin Position

Margate Collins Horn Blumberg
Collins, Horn, Blumberg.

After 5 months, Margate is still looking for a Business Administrator. The critical management position has been vacant since January 2024.

Former admin Ken Mosca was let go from that position just one year into his three year deal. Mayor Collins has yet to inform residents of why he fired Mosca.

Ken Mosca now handling community outreach for Atlantic Shores Wind promoting controversial plan to erect 200 wind turbines off the South Jersey coast.

Want Ken’s old job? Read on…

According to the official job posting:

The City of Margate NJ has a population of 5,216, and swells to about 20,000 in the summer months.

It’s a full service coastal community with a $35 million annual budget, and a $5 million annual water and sewer utility budget.

Margate now looking for a Business Administrator that would report to the three-member Board of Commissioners and will manage the day-to-day operations in consultation with individual commissioners.

Other duties:

Foster a culture of collaboration, innovation, and accountability within the municipality.

Collaborate with elected officials and department heads to implement policies that promote efficiency, transparency, and accountability in municipal operations.

Manage the human resource functions of the municipality, including contract negotiations, performance management, and employee relations.

The ideal candidate will possess exceptional leadership skills, strategic thinking abilities, and a deep understanding of municipal budgets, municipal law and human resource management.

Adapt to changing priorities and work effectively in a fast-paced environment. Candidates should possess a bachelor’s degree in an appropriate related skill.

Master’s degree in public administration a plus. New Jersey municipal experience in an executive or significant administrative capacity preferred.

Full-time and part-time applicants are encouraged to apply.

Salary commensurate with experience.

Application deadline is July 26, 2024.

Interested? Send your resume to City of Margate, Attention: Mayor Michael Collins, 9001 Winchester Avenue, Margate, NJ 08402; email:; or fax to 609-822-5081.

Candidates to send cover letter, resume, and a detailed statement addressing why you should be selected for the position.

Post-offer – pre-employment physical exam, background check, and drug & alcohol testing required.

Margate is an Equal Opportunity Employer and considers all applications for employment without regard to a person’s protected class status or association with a member of a protected class.

If you are an individual with a disability who requires reasonable accommodation to participate in the application process, please contact the Clerk’s Office at 609-822-2605.


7 thoughts on “After 5 Months, Margate Finally Looks To Fill Empty Business Admin Position”

  1. How does one lose a business administrator position in a wealthy city like Margate?
    The job does itself.

    The former business administrator was a local connection.

    I am sure the next business administrator will be a friends and family connection.

    A 35 million dollar annual budget is a large one for a city of around 5,000 people year -round.
    Although it does swell to 20,000 people in the summer but that is only for a few months.

    The city is staffed at a ratio of 20,000 people year-round.

    A lot of high-paying jobs with health benefits and pensions for some people.

    Also, overstaffed.

    The police department alone must have around 50 officers.
    Not exactly alot of crime in Margate, is there?

    What do those 50 or so officers do for 9 months of the year when it is really quiet.

    Municipal madness.

    Margate and Longport should have merged services years ago.

    Heck, they should merge Margate, Longport and even Ventnor.


  2. Margate Elite Residents

    Does Margate still give out LONGEVITY PAY to employees? Maybe Commissioner of Revenue and Finance, Maury Blumberg, will shed some light on that topic.

    1. Longevity pay is a good point.

      However, look at the salaries, health benefits, overtime, pensions, etc., etc. for these “easy” jobs in this wealthy city.

      Imagine if the Margate police had to deal with what Atlantic City Police or Camden Police have to deal with?

      City police are “real” police.
      These suburban police serve a purpose but usually too many of them and overpaid.

  3. Corruption at its finest now Mosca is pushing windmills nobody wants
    That are built by foreign country companies and the fisherman get affected as well as the whales and Dolphins and birds. Whatever happened to don’t kill the whale ? It evil all these people care about is money. Sad world we live in.

    1. Follow the money as it usually tells the story.

      Those windmills, if built, will be a disaster as many of us already realize.

    2. Ed – oh please, spare us. Instant environmentalists like you have had no issues with the long-proven damages to people, all forms or marine life etc from oil and gas which is apparently fine since that they fund your politics. There is none, as in ZERO actual evidence linking the windfarm activity to whale and dolphin deaths. There IS endless emotion, opinion and theory that lemmings like you have latched onto.

      1. Read the research on how these windmills are not working out over water in Europe.

        Remember that cold Texas winter a few winters ago and how their windmills shut down and those were over land.

        Plenty of open space in New Jersey, put the windmills on land.

        Easier to install and easier to maintain windmills over land.

        Natural gas and oil will always be the main fuels.

        Do you see China and India using less oil?

        How do you think electric cars get their energy…from electricity which is produced by oil and coal.

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