After 6 Stinky Days, ACUA Raw Sewage Leak Finally Plugged in Ventnor.

Two major, ACUA raw sewage leaks in 2 years.

Last Summer, the leak was hidden under Bader Field in Atlantic City for an unknown period of time.

Ventnor Heights, near the back bay, took a direct hit this time.

A rupture in the 40 year old pipe, measuring 30 inches across, takes raw sewage waste from Ventnor, Margate and Longport, and pumps it into the ACUA facility in Atlantic City.

An ACUA, Atlantic County Utilities Authority timeline.

Shortly after 1 a.m. FEB 27, the bypass line was successfully activated to safely convey wastewater around a damaged section of sewer pipe on Wellington Avenue in Ventnor.

The bypass prevents the discharge of wastewater and will enable the contractor to begin repairs to the sewer main.

FEB 26 Pumps have helped to relieve flooding on Wellington Avenue, Ventnor City, in the area of the sewer main leak. This helps the emergency contractor proceed with repairs to the sewer line.

Two jet-vacs continued work today clearing residue from the break on the affected side streets and sidewalks.

ACUA’s contractor installed two tapping saddles in each of the excavated areas on either side of the damaged sewer line early Friday morning. This equipment is required for the bypass line installation.

ACUA anticipates the bypass will be initiated around midnight Friday when flows from the Downbeach community area are lowest and wastewater can be held temporarily at the pumping station while the bypass comes online.

The temporary bypass pipeline will divert the flow of wastewater and contain the leak. Then, repairs on the sewer main can begin.

FEB 24 The installation of the temporary bypass pipeline to stop the sewer main leak on Wellington Avenue in Ventnor City continues today. ACUA’s emergency contractor is preparing excavation areas on the north and south sides of the force main pipeline with tapping equipment.

ACUA – Atlantic County Utilities Authority

Feb 23 6:53 ACUA Update on Repairs to Stop Leak in Sewer Line on Wellington Avenue in Ventnor City: ACUA’s emergency contractor has been making progress on the excavation for the bypass line.

FEB 22 4:52pm Wellington Avenue in Ventnor City is closed between Dorset and Victoria Avenues until further notice. A sewer leak was detected. ACUA is initiating a repair. The sewer line break has no impact on the quality of drinking water. However, efforts to conserve water by the residents of Ventnor, Margate and Longport will minimize the amount of wastewater that would be conveyed through the area where the leak is located.

The second location for the bypass connection has been determined and excavation is underway. The length of the bypass will be approximately 660 feet. Bypass piping is on site and is being fused together and preparations are being made to attach the fused pipe to the bypass line when the specialized tapping equipment is delivered.

The tapping saddles are anticipated to be installed and the fused pipe connected Thursday which would enable the activation of the by-pass by Friday night.

To relieve the flooding on Wellington Avenue and nearby side streets, ACUA’s contractor has ordered two large pumps and related piping to drain and move wastewater off the streets. ACUA has received permission from the NJDEP to discharge this water into the bay. This is a temporary measure and should not need to continue once the bypass line is in operation.

However, the pumps will remain on site should they be needed to drain water from the area. This is a benefit to residents and helps the contractor as they proceed with repairs.

The pumps are scheduled to arrive by Tuesday night. After the piping arrives and is prepared, pumping could begin by Wednesday afternoon.

Water sampling was conducted Tuesday at six locations which were selected by Atlantic County Department of Health and the NJDEP. Test results are not back yet from the lab.

As a precaution, the NJDEP has issued a notice of suspension of shellfish harvesting from the Lakes Bay area until it can be assured that the waterways are safe for shellfish harvesting.

Residents on the impacted area of Wellington Avenue (where traffic is prohibited) are advised to move their carts to the nearest side street for collection.

Detours are in place to enable access to the Ventnor shopping plaza and Atlantic City. Vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian traffic is prohibited in this area of Wellington Avenue.

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  1. In keeping with the spirit & concept of ” TRANSPARENCY ” let’s all hope that the ACUA will release info on what the life expectancy of these sewer lines is & what their scheduled replacement time frames are, and possibly even reevaluate current policy. Then maybe this won’t be a recurring event in other Atlantic County areas.

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