Al Mackler Cancer Foundation 5K Race

The Al Mackler Cancer Foundation contributes to pediatric cancer research projects at St. Jude’s Children Hospital, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital, and Hadassah Hospital in Israel. The Foundation contributes all proceeds from each years race to pediatric cancer research at the various hospitals.  

Registration on race day begins at 6:30 am, until 7:25 am. The cost to register on race day is $35.00.

Register here.

Race medallion to all race finishers.

The Al Mackler Cancer Foundation annual 5K race takes place on the AC Boardwalk, starting at Tropicana.

Al Mackler 5K
Al Mackler

Al Mackler always thought children with cancer suffered the most. Mackler specifically asked that any donations that came in after he passed, go toward pediatric cancer research.

Shortly before his death, the Al Mackler Cancer Foundation was created. A veteran, child advocate, teacher and a runner. Al Mackler always thought of kids first.

Al Mackler’s grandson, Zachary Goldberg, is the race director.

Congressmen Frank A. LoBiondo and his wife have been honorary chair members for many years.

Thank you for supporting this organization and the goal to eradicate childhood cancer.

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