Amazing Ventnor’s Einwechter Arrested for Stealing Puerto Rico Relief Funds

Einwechter (L) with Ventnor Commissioners
Einwechter (L) with Ventnor Commissioners

President of the Amazing Ventnor event company, Michael Einwechter, has been arrested and charged with stealing donations collected for Puerto Rico’s Hurricane Maria relief efforts.

Listen to WOND Radio News Coverage of Einwechter:

Einwechter, 38, is best known for his association with Ventnor Coffee, Porch-Fest, beach concerts and the short-lived Ventnor Tourism organization. The event producer/contractor has also been accused of potentially misrepresenting himself as a marketing / tourism arm of the City of Ventnor. It’s unknown if Ventnor City leadership was aware of Einwechter’s inappropriate actions.

He most recently teamed up with SNJ Today TV to produce the Atlantic City Christmas Parade on the Boardwalk. Einwechter allegedly took it upon himself to set up a webpage in order to sell parade sponsorships. See pics below. 

Noreaster Nick SNJ Today Einwechter Ventnor Puerto Rico
Ken Shaefer (left) Nor’easter Nick (middle) with Einwechter (right)

Upon hearing the news, Nor’easter Nick from SNJ Today made the following statement: There was a minor hiccup earlier today when news broke that one of our committee members engaged in nefarious behavior. We have parted ways and that individual will NOT be involved in the production or organization of the event. We are NOT going to let this road block veer us off course.

Einwechter Amazing Ventnor Puerto Rico
Einwechter’s Expense Report

The Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief Benefit Concert was produced by Einwechter on Oct 15. 2017. It was held at Ventnor’s Ski Beach. It was day full of music, food, silent auctions and various kids activities. Close to $18,000, maybe more, was possibly raised for assisting those devastated by the effects of Hurricane Maria.

Amazing Ventnor’s Einwechter arrested. Charged with stealing funds destined for Puerto Rico hurricane relief.

Amazing Ventnor Einwechter Puerto Rico
Einwechter’s modified receipt he posted on social media.

According to Ventnor Police Chief Doug Biagi, Einwechter, 38, was charged with theft of money and checks that were the proceeds of a Puerto Rico benefit concert held Sunday, Oct. 15 at Ski Beach. The arrest came after an investigation conducted by Ventnor Detective Sgts. Jason Rzemyk and Ted Bergman.

Ventnor Police seized his four-wheel drive truck, which is painted to look like a Tonka truck.

Michael Einwechter was in custody of the Ventnor City Police Department, but has been released.

The fundraiser was well attended by local citizens, volunteers, organizations, musicians and merchants, Biagi said in a press release.


Einwechter is also past president of the short-lived ‘Ventnor Tourism’.

Posted on Social Media by Michael Einwechter: Before I disappear on social media. I am facing these charges. Article is out. I’m not going into details until I get to speak to an attorney. Also. I am not co-owner of Ventnor Coffee. My wife Christine and I split up in August so please don’t take any negative action against Ventnor Coffee. After the dust settles and all is clear I will try to find it in my heart to do good for the community again. I am sincerely sorry it has come to this. I am sorry to anyone and everyone involved.

According to, Einwechter, who now lives in Longport, has hired an attorney; Andrew Imperiale. Amy Rosenberg contacted Ventnor Chief Biagi who said. “the arrest was deeply upsetting to his small beach town”.“It’s devastating” “These people put in money out of their own pockets. Merchants put in their foods. Singers, dancers. It was a wonderful day.  Everybody who put $5 in, who bought a green bracelet, the merchants, the volunteers with their time — every little kid walking around in a volunteer T-shirt. Not to mention the money didn’t go over there, where it’s needed.”


Note of caution: With charitable events where cash is involved, the experts at Charity Navigator recommend having a monitor or watchful board of directors to keep an eye on donations and accounting. This is equally true for charity concerts, online fund-raising, or cash collections on the Atlantic City Boardwalk.

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