Amherst Ave Lamberti’s and Promenade Along Margate Back Bay.

See the latest pictures from Amherst Ave in Margate. Workers moving quickly to finish the long awaited promenade along the waterfront.

Lamberti’s new construction moving along, albeit slow. Structure much larger than originally imagined, say local neighbors.

Amherst preparing to become one-way from Washington to Coolidge, headed towards Longport.

15 thoughts on “Amherst Ave Lamberti’s and Promenade Along Margate Back Bay.”

  1. Albeit slow? That is an under statement. The people on Amherst have been looking at this property through different horrendous situations for two years now.

    This is just a reminder as what is to come. Will it? That is another concern.

  2. Lamberti’s may never be finished. A serious illness has befallen Lou Lamberti and since most of the funding and planning depends on him what is to become of this project?

    Has the City of Margate mandated a performance bond or were they just interested in getting the bulkhead done? Smart move idiots!

    1. Thegameisthegame

      Those projects are bonded. Meaning an insurance co comes in and finishes the project of he defaults. Then they sue the debtor. It will get built. No doubt.

      1. So then the anonymous poster above you that wrongly assumed that the city lacked a performance bond would owe everyone an apology for their erroneous assumption. Ironic that they referred to others as idiots.

  3. The size of Lamberti’s new structure is obscene. Hard to imagine they’ll be able to fill the place sufficiently to cover expenses.

    They’ve made the landscape spectacularly ugly and un-inviting.

    Also hard to believe the neighbors aren’t going to suffer from the increased traffic and increased noise that will result.It would really be nice to know how a building this size was approved.

    1. I agree with you one hundred per cent. We did not need this on the bay and the poor people who need to look at it alll day, it’s disgusting.

    1. Yes, so true, the Bay Area and beaches are ruined. Lamberti is oversized because he paid for the bulkhead. One favor deserves another in the political world, doesn’t it? All Margate residents should not feel free of this. It could happen on any street in Margate. All for the almighty buck. Money is the root of all evil.

  4. It’s so sad to see this huge ugly structure block what was a beautiful view .
    This is absolutely ridiculous! Kooks like shit !

  5. Lamberti’s hasn’t been worked on in months. Nothing fast about this project! Never thought I would feel bad for people who live by the bay!!!

  6. The three stooges along with the clowns in building code enforcement could not possibly care less about the tax paying citizens . It is an old boys club that’s focused on sucking in every penny that they can out us. We the people are on our own.

  7. Suburban Philadelphia thinking making Margate’s decisions.
    Much better when it was a BEACH town, not just a bunch of overpriced restaurants with no parking.
    Go back to the Main Slime.

    1. Enlighten us, Jay. Do second homeowners and seasonal renters get to vote in Margate? NO. But they sure do get to pay taxes and spend money in Margate to prop up your economy and tax base. You’re blaming THEM for decisions made in Margate? And what exactly are you doing to make things better there, besides insults and cheap shots on a web site?

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