Amherst Neighbors Fight Back Against Potential Margate Bayfront Over-Development

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This week, Margate Commissioners discussed the potential for 2 possible lawsuits. One from an angry ice cream guy, the other from an Amherst Ave homeowner that fears over-development of the Margate bay-front.

The 3 Margate Commissioners, Amodeo, Blumberg, along with Mayor Becker, gave their preliminary blessing to a project application from Harbor Bay LLC. The developer wants to substantially overhaul the closed & crusty, Capt. Andy’s on the bay at Amherst Ave.

The commissioners were OK with the application getting in front of the Margate Planning Board on Feb. 22. The project may feature a new bulkhead and a much taller structure that could include a restaurant, bait shop and insurance office.

Margate City Commissioners Amodeo, Blumberg & Mayor Becker were also generally OK with builder Jim Leeds moving forward with seeking approval for his Integrity Marine project right next door to the old Captain Andy’s.

Margate Planning Board – 6:30pm, Feb. 22 at Historic City Hall, 1. S. Washington Ave.

AMHERST residents are concerned with the re-zoning of Amherst Ave WSD. No problem with building higher, but not happy with potential for additional building and over-development of Margate Bayfront.

Was there a defect in notification process? That’s what resident Fred Tursi believes. Margate Solicitor Scott Abbott respectfully disagrees.

Tursi, and potentially his neighbors of HARBOR VISTA, object to the rezoning of entire bay-front district & riparian rights.

This could open the door to potential, over-development of the Amherst Ave bay-front?

What if Blue Water Marina’s Sal Calabrese wants to build something bigger? With the updated zoning rules recently OK’ed by Margate Commissioners …. he potentially could, if he wanted to.

3 thoughts on “Amherst Neighbors Fight Back Against Potential Margate Bayfront Over-Development”

  1. Chumley+McGillicutty

    Good Luck stopping this one. I hear through the grape vine, Gormley has his hand in it. Corrupt politicians get what THEY want

  2. I feel so sorry for the residents of the Bay with all this building and over development going on in Margate. Just where are people going to park, what ordinances are going to be put in place to close a water park down at 9 or 10 at night. There property values are going to be worthless. Margate is starting to look so honky tonk. Berger trucks, Congo Falls miniture golf, now a water park??? Sure doesn’t look like a Stone Harbor or Avalon for all the taxes we pay.
    But yet we can”t afford to put mats over the dunes so people can walk
    comfortably to the beach.
    Somethings wrong.

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