Amherst Water Park in Margate Readies for Summer 2020

Aqua Park

The proposed waterpark along Amherst Ave in Margate is one step closer to opening this summer.

Island Aqua Park will feature an array of inflatable slides and rafts along the back bay of Margate.

Permits have been granted from NJ state and federal agencies.

Army Corps of Engineers and NJ DEP have given their blessing to the Amherst AquaPpark project.

A ticket booth will soon be built. Bathrooms and/or porta-pottie information not yet available. This area will soon be dredged.

The Margate water park plans on being open June, July & August. 9a. to 6p.

The cost could be $35 for 45 minutes of time on floating inflatables, climbing walls, and water based slides.

The attraction is owned by Maggie Day & partner Tim Tice who both operate Island Water Sports Park in Stone Harbor.

Owner Maggie Day has submitted an application to Margate for site plan approval. This could be voted on during the May 28 Margate Planning Board meeting.

Margate Zoning Officer Roger McLarnon facing some pressure from neighbors for lack of transparency from his office.

The Amherst Water Park in Margate could be operational by early Summer 2020.

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17 thoughts on “Amherst Water Park in Margate Readies for Summer 2020”

  1. Worst idea ever conceived. Why indeed can this person get a dredging permit, when it’s been held up for so long for other established businesses. No parking, no bathrooms. I’m sure Sprinkles limited restroom space would not accommodate the patrons of this place.

  2. Lack of bathrooms? Porta potties can not be the answer, nor can they be placed adjacent to a new walking path.

  3. Why so easy for her to get permit to dredge, when Ray Scott’s Dock and others have been trying for years?

  4. Do you really want porta-potties along Amherst Avenue? Not a pleasant site that’s for sure. God help the people who live across from this.

  5. Don’t put too much thought into it. This will be shut down within a year. It’s an accident waiting to happen.

    1. simple solution. Park your cars on Amherst from Thursday to Sunday night instead of your driveways all summer. Leave your driveways for your friends and family. If there is nowhere to park how many will Bother going there??

  6. Poor location for this. Parking, sanitation, traffic on narrow streets. Also bad for property owners across the street (I don’t live there). They should have put it at the marina site on the causeway, across the bay where those dilapidated homes were.

  7. What I see here is the start of a larger water amusement park being built on that waterfront.
    Our board is turning our beautiful little town into another Ocean City. DO NOT BRING YOUR CHILDREN

  8. Beyond a bad idea. Just follow the money and you will see that the owners made substantial payments to the corrupt 3 Amigos. Might as well change the name of Margate to Wildwood because that is what it’s turning into and the same clientele will follow.

  9. Waterpark is complete!! Never saw anything done so quickly in Margate. Margate City had the right of refusal for this. Not so with residents of that section of Amherst Avenue who will now have no parking, tons of noise, blocked views and no toilets for the families who will use the Waterpark. And the Amherst bulkhead isn’t done yet!

    You can thank Margate’s three commissioners; sleep, dopey and grumpy! Wonder how much money they lined their pockets for this!! And don’t forget John Abbott’s part!

    According to the commissioners, Lamberti’s Restaurant would be completed sometime in July as it was to be a modular construction. Once again, they lied!!!! How many more lies are the residents of Margate going to tolerate before they realize they must do away with these three, lying, self=serving commissioners???

    Also, two years ago it was suggested that Commissioner Amodeo use the automated phone message system to notify residents of any important upcoming meetings where major projects would be discussed and put to a vote. THIS NEVER HAPPENED! But Amodeo will leave a message about Lucy the Elephant!!!???

    So much for transparency in Margate. TIME FOR A CHANGE!!!!!

  10. Speeding on Amherst continues!
    Amodeo lives on Amherst Avenue and has 5 grandchildren, 3 who live right next door and are under 6. He is also in charge of Margate safety! And yet nothing changes.
    How can he not take action and allow the speeding and stop sign abuse? We have speeding and stop sign abuse around the entire city!
    That’s what happens when you have an individual who is incompetent and really doesn’t care.
    Wake up Margate!
    It’s time we look at getting rid of Amodeo and his arrogant horse’s ass attitude.
    Better safety for Margate!

    1. I’m great full there’s fun stuff for families and kids to do and Im not going to blame an elected official for people blowing stop signs. Lets enjoy life, it’s too short to complain about everything

  11. dumbest place to put a water park. there already is no space for cars, pedestrians, bikers. I was shocked it was open with so many kids with covid-19 going on. This is not what we need now. there is no social distancing

  12. With all of the many things society could be complaining about ……… I’m stunned at how many people have something negative to say about an amusement park that really isn’t that noisy. It closes at a respectable hour and right about now , society has so many more REAL PROBLEMS.
    ENJOY LIFE, it isn’t long !!!!!!

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