Amherst Ave Waterpark Update in Margate

Margate Water park
Ready for Amherst Water Park?

The proposed Amherst Ave water park will be discussed at the April 30, Margate Planning & Zoning Board meeting.

Owners behind the water park have submitted preliminary paperwork to Roger McLarnon of the Margate Planning & Zoning Department.


Commish Amodeo: So, you have a set of plans? Zoning Chief McLarnon: Uhhh…….. Yes. I believe there’s a set of plans. It’s not a complete set of plans.

A special staff committee will soon make recommendations.

Margate Planning Board Roger McLarnon
Margate Zoning Czar McLarnon.

Owners of waterpark still need to submit an official application to the Margate Planning Board.

9 thoughts on “Amherst Ave Waterpark Update in Margate”

  1. I’m confused about Amherst Waterpark. Commissioner Amodeo said DEP controls anything in water. Why is knucklehead McLarnon & Planning Board involved?

  2. 40 Year Resident Margation

    Not happy that my tax dollars are going to build a so-called promenade along Amherst. Let’s face it. This is a taxpayer funded sweetheart deal for private property and business owners along the bay. NO ONE will want to sit between parked cars, bulkheads and businesses. Three Amigos strike again. Shame on us for letting it happen.

  3. Genuinely Concerned

    We agree completely and whole-heartedly with “40 year resident margation”… Shame on all of us for letting three stooges get away with this farce against residents. How are impeachment proceedings initiated? We believe this to be the very next necessary step to save our beautiful community.

  4. The Three Stooges strike again. The fact that this guys continue to give the city away to their friends and family should have the entire population of Margate up in arms. What we have instead are people with their heads in the sand. The moment I heard about this water park, I knew there were to be questions that go unanswered.
    The tide moves quickly in this area, how will this affect the bathers? Rest Rooms? Parking? Neighboring boats and boat slips? This is going to be one big mess.

  5. There we go folks, glad people are finally waking up that the 3 Amigos are beyond corrupt. Unfortunately, we are stuck with them until the next election but we can put a lot of pressure to stop this insanity.

    Parking, bathrooms, traffic, they don’t care, just line their pockets!

  6. All the current neighbors and businesses along Amherst are angry. Yes, there are lawsuits but the 3 guys don’t listen to the people they only listen to the money.

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