Annette Ventnor

Annette’s Restaurant in Ventnor

Best of Ventnor Foodie: Annette’s Restaurant

Annette’s Restaurant
104 N Dorset Ave
Ventnor City, NJ

Well Known for Breakfast Fish Platters

Annette’s is known for its breakfast fish platters – lox, sable, white fish. Fish platter the best thing to get there and it’s excellent – best at the shore.


It’s family-friendly and the staff is always bright, cheery and efficient. Best of all is the owner, Cheryl, who gives her personal attention and flair to each and every patron! Don’t miss their meatloaf dinner — better than any home cooked plate you’ve ever had! We eat there for breakfast every weekend!

The omelets were delicious, the oatmeal was steaming hot and the blueberry pancakes were fluffy and loaded with fresh blueberries. Then came the smoked fish platter what was supposed to be for three, We ordered a couple of extra bagels and we were all able to have some of the fresh, moist whitefish and nova.

Annette’s Breakfast & Lunch (609) 822-8366