Another Dead Whale. Jersey Shore Mayors Demand Wind Turbine Investigation

whale brigantine
Humpback Whale

A massive humpback whale was first seen floating lifeless off the coast of Brigantine Beach on JAN 28, 2023.

It washed up on a Long Island beach, Monday morning, JAN 30.


Yet another dead whale.

Are wind turbines and whale deaths linked? Clean Ocean Action is asking that question.

Cindy Zipf, executive director of the environmental organization Clean Ocean Action, said offshore wind companies are being allowed by federal regulators to disturb and harm a certain number of whales and other marine animals during pre-construction and construction activity. ‘Why should offshore wind get a pass on scrutiny to ensure marine ecosystem protection, especially for endangered and protected species?”

The alarming number of recent whale deaths has prompted 12+ mayors of New Jersey coastal towns to call for immediate moratorium on all offshore wind activity pending a thorough investigation by federal and state authorities.

In a letter to federal and state officials, the mayors express their concern about “the unprecedented number of whales that have washed ashore recently.”

Concerns that acoustic surveys related to offshore wind development may be a contributing factor in recent whale deaths that occurred over a 38-day period – more than has ever been recorded in the State of New Jersey in such a small amount of time – has brought strong opposition from local environmental groups and residents.

The officials represent the communities of Wildwood Crest, North Wildwood, Stone Harbor, Linwood, Brigantine, Long Beach Township, Mantoloking, Bay Head, Point Pleasant Beach, Spring Lake, and Deal.

The mayors’ letter emphasizes that “While we are not opposed to clean energy, we are concerned about the impacts these projects may already be having on our environment.”

Offshore wind developers have obtained permits for the “incidental taking” of whales, which would typically be illegal under federal law. This could include potential injury to whales, such as damaging their hearing, or by causing behavioral disruptions in feeding and migration.

Benjamin Laws of NOAA Fisheries Office of Protected Resources says: ‘there is an expectation that the work will impact marine life, including whales.’

Is NJ Governor sacrificing endangered whales for his experimental wind turbine project?

NOAA and other environmental groups still encourage the wind industry and NJ Governor Murphy to press on with his plan to install 11.5 GW of offshore wind projects in New Jersey.

The mayors call for an immediate moratorium on all offshore wind activity pending a thorough investigation by federal and state agencies “that confidently determines” the offshore wind activities are not a contributing factor in the recent whale deaths.

Whale extinction off the Jersey Shore.

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  1. Must stop this idiotic BS now, before it’s too late.
    Just follow the money and the Democratic hacks who are pushing this agenda.
    No oil, no natural gas, what? it use to be no nuclear energy Remember!
    These people are ruining everything they get involved with.
    Just sell pot and tax everything keeps the people that pay for everything in the poor house.
    Look how they ruined Atlantic City, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, San Francisco, Austin, and Los Angles.
    That’s why they installed the two idiots in the white house.
    Must squash this before it’s too late, the beauty will be lost forever.

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