Atlantic City Electric Warns Margate About Pools & Utility Poles

margate pools atlantic city electric

The rapid rise in Margate pool installs raising red flags at Atlantic City Electric. Pools are too close to poles supporting overhead powerlines. Pools and other structure can’t block access.

AC Electric could refuse to power up homes if a pool is within 21 feet of the powerline. That would eliminate rear yard pools says Margate Zoning Officer, Roger McLarnon.

Listen to clips from AUG 4 mtg.>

Two options. Both not very good.

#1. Bury power lines. What about the transformers?

#2. Relocate utility lines to street. That will change the way Margate looks. In particular, the Parkway section.

It’s becoming a problem for every application now.

Atlantic City Electric Warns Margate About Pools and Powerline Poles

And it doesn’t only include pools. I’ve heard from the electric company about garage and substructures in rear of houses that are too close and in the right away of where the power lines and poles are. That restricts electric company from being able to service and correct towers down.

Our Margate ordinance never took that into consideration. Garages in that easement not shown on any tax map. It goes back 100 years.

Downbeach Sign Pollution

Atlantic City Electric will take signs off the polls, no matter what.

People are putting stuff on utility poles, traffic signal poles. This really doesn’t look good.

Zoning Officer McLarnon
Zoning Officer McLarnon.

Pickleball tournament notifications stapled to all the poles.

Example: Every year, local store plasters fluorescent flyers on poles in Margate & Ventnor.

Ventnor was recently warned about advertising banners attached to AC Electric polls along the Boardwalk.

4 thoughts on “Atlantic City Electric Warns Margate About Pools & Utility Poles”

  1. Almost every new pool going in is within 21 ft of a power line. In Margate, if line or pole comes down and needs repair, how will electric company get to it if yards have pools almost up to property lines?

    Burying lines looks great but it is extra cost.

    In Avalon all the lines polls and transformers run on the street side. It takes up a lot of sidewalk, obstructs parking and is visually messy.

  2. By allowing pools on properties, with disregard to house property lines, our city leadership has failed us again.

    When a utility pole comes down because of high winds or hurricane, who pays for it? The City? The home owner?

    I’ve seen pools that could double for foot bathes.

    As we have a Hardware Store Owner and a Builder on the planning board, conflict of interest will continue.

    You want a pool? Buy your materials from the local hardware store and you can have your pool.

    1. Correctamundo! Just look how many builders are on the Planning Board, you think they are going to reject any type of construction while they too are seeking work, The old triple standard again!

  3. Easy solution , No Pools within 20′ of any existing power lines , all you need is AC Electric send the city staing that and problem is solved

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