Atlantic City Keeps Needle Exchange, Readies for Massive Cannabis Zone

The Atlantic City Needle Exchange was supposed to be shut down or moved out of the so-called ‘tourism district’.

Drug services and tourism don’t mix, say the Mayor, his Atlantic City administration, and City Council.

Nonetheless, the NJ State Dept of Health now controls the state’s 7 needle exchanges. One of them being in AC.

Oasis Drop-In Center / Needle Exchange
32 S. Tennessee Ave. Atlantic City

The Atlantic City Tourism District is overseen by the CRDA; Casino Reinvestment Development Authority.

Atlantic City abandons fight to close needle exchange.

According to Politico New Jersey and NJ Spotlight News, the city is abandoning the ongoing legal battle over the future of the facility that provides clean needles for drug users.

The Atlantic City needle exchange opened in 2007. Council voted to shut it down in July of 2021. City Council claims needle exchange site is unsafe, and attracts more drugs and crime to the city.

Atlantic City & CRDA Support Massive Marijuana Business Zone

Atlantic City ready to launch so-called ‘green zone’ where cannabis business is permitted and promoted.

Green Zone

Boston to Maryland Ave along Atlantic and Pacific Ave, and Pacific Ave to near the Boardwalk between New York and Tennessee Ave.

Lance Landgraf is CRDA’s Director of Planning and Development. Landgraf is also a commissioner for Ventnor City.

Landgraf says specific AC neighborhoods devoted to marijuana business are supported within the city’s master plan, a so-called ‘Green Zone’ for cannabis business.

Opponents claim the sizable ‘green zone’ is too close to residential neighborhoods, elementary schools and Stockton University.

A group of Lower Chelsea residents asked: why the Atlantic City Cannabis Zone had to be so close to family-friendly parts of the city?

Neighboring Ventnor also paying close attention to the legal weed plan endorsed by CRDA and Atlantic City Council.

Former AC Mayor Gilliam, Legal Weed Pioneer

Frank Gilliam, former Mayor of Atlantic City, was pioneer in developing cannabis retail concepts. Watch video.

5 thoughts on “Atlantic City Keeps Needle Exchange, Readies for Massive Cannabis Zone”

  1. I think we need a needle exchange in Ventnor, so many hateful people don’t want these around. will be very helpful. if you dont want to help others in your community you should move out of ventnor!

    1. Yes, I totally agree!! Many people who work in high places / professional people also are addicted and require help! Not just the homeless and poor!
      Ventnor Heights is a perfect location!

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