Atlantic City School Board Solicitor Shares Student Abuse Memo.

Did ATLANTIC CITY school principal LaQuetta Small follow proper district policy when she discovered an employee, her cousin, engage in lewd and inappropriate activity with a 5th grade student?

La’Quetta Small was principal of Pennsylvania Avenue School in Atlantic City at the time.

Solicitor Riley sent a memo recently to the Board of Education members….

In this memo, Atlantic City School Board Solicitor Tracy Riley believes the employee, former substitute teacher Kayan Frazier, was not living in the home of his cousin, Atlantic City High School Principal La’Quetta Small — Mayor Marty Small Sr.’s wife — during the timeframe he was allegedly engaging in lewd behavior with a third-grade male student.

Is an independent investigation of Frazier needed? Kayan Frazier is reportedly a cousin of Principal LaQuetta Small. Other conflicts of interest are also likely in this case.

Nepotism. Rarely a good idea to hire a family member that you must manage. Did LaQuetta Small violate rules in this case? Most think so.

ACBOE to hire outside law firm to investigate.

School Board President John Devlin voted for, and still supports an independent investigation.

State Overseer

Riley: This report is to supplement the questions posed by the Board President and information previously submitted to you for the Board Meeting held on October 13,2020. The Board voted on Tuesday, October 20 to have an independent investigation conducted by outside counsel, the State Monitor has advised me to cease my investigation. Since I am unable to complete my investigation, I did want to provide you with the information that I have acquired.

On July 3, 2019, a criminal complaint was issued to Kayan Frazier. Based on allegations contained in Count 3 of the Complaint – Production of Child Pornography, an issue of concern that has been raised is where Kayan Frazier residing at that time.

At the time, the criminal background was complete, and the notification issued on March 4, 2015 by the NJ Department of Education Criminal History Review Unit, Frazier resided at 116 Presbyterian Avenue, Atlantic City. This is the home address of Dr. La’Quetta Small.

As you are aware, I requested from ESS (formerly Source4Teachers) the work history of Kayan Frazier in Atlantic City Schools. Kayan Frazier had not been assigned as a substitute teacher by Source4Teachers at Pennsylvania Avenue School since December 12, 2016. However, he was working within other schools within the district.

Kayan Frazier is sent to the following schools as a substitute teacher after complaint is made:

  • Uptown Complex
  • Sovereign Avenue School
  • Dr. Martin Luther King jr. School
  • Texas Avenue School

March 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 10 and 13 of 2017.

On March 15, 2017, Dr. La’Quetta Small sent a confirming email to Wesley Wallace, District Manager, Source4Teachers. In this email. Dr. Small advises Mr. Wallace that she spoke to ]amie Guenther at Source4Teachers and advised her that a child is still spending the night at Frazier’s home and it is inappropriate.

Dr. Small also indicates in this email the child and Frazier are sleeping in the same bed. This is a fact that was known to DYFS/DCP&P when conducting their investigation.

Riley stated in the memo that she was advised by the district’s state-appointed monitor, Carole Morris, to cease her investigation of the matter.

After being fired, Frazier was apparently hired by the Department of Child Protection and Permanency.

Kayan Frazier was charged in April 2019 by the U.S. Attorney’s Office with allegedly receiving, distributing and producing images of child sexual abuse.

Tom Forkin replied: An incomplete memo making a false claim that is NOT consistent with State Law as to a teachers / administrators DUTY to report suspected child abuse to law enforcement! Not to mention the FACT that Superintendent Barry Caldwell’s brother in law, Joe Jacobs is “Of Counsel” for the Riley Firm! Corruption at the highest levels

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