Atlantic City Zoning Board Considers Hansen Sober-Living Expansion

16 S. Tallahassee Ave. Atlantic City

Ventnor homeowners are keeping an eye on how Atlantic City’s Zoning Board will handle a controversial effort to expand ‘sober-living’ housing.

On Tuesday, July 27, at 10am, the Atlantic City Zoning Board will hear the case of Hansen House. The organization lead by Jennifer Hansen, is looking to expand their sober living operations within the Chelsea neighborhood of Atlantic City. Specifically, a home on Tallahassee Ave.

Boarding homes run for charitable purposes do not pay property taxes.

See responses from Jennifer Hansen, to recent article by Seth Grossman of Liberty and Prosperity.

Seth Grossman: They lower property values and make it difficult for neighbors to sell their properties.

Jennifer Hansen: Numerous studies have proven this un-true, and we can look at the property value of the house in question as an example. This house was purchased on 4/8/19 for $395,000 and our residents have resided there since June 2019 after moving from a house on Bartram Ave. If the property values were so affected, then why would the property next door have sold for $635,000 on 2/19/21 after having sold for $190,000 on 6/6/2018? That is a significant increase in property value.

Seth Grossman: They often increase crimes because residents are not supervised, and some are not “recovering”.  Some continue to rob and steal to pay for their addiction.  Neighbors with small children and who leave their homes to work during the day are fearful of break-ins and for their personal safety.

Jennifer Hansen: Our houses are supervised, and residents are in recovery. They are drug tested randomly and weekly and are required to work full time, attend school or volunteer in the community. Every person is vigorously pre-screened and vetted and they are continuously monitored throughout their residency.

Seth Grossman: Atlantic City has easy access to casinos, Stockton University, and open drug trafficking.  An effective rehab program would keep recovering addicts further away from such temptations.

Jennifer Hansen: Recovering addicts need to live in communities where they can easily find jobs and get to work with public transportation. The people living in this house have made it to this stage of their recovery where they need to rejoin society and live on their own while still having support from their peers and our staff.

Seth Grossman: Most social service “charities” need to pay bills and aggressively seek to fill their beds with residents sponsored by government programs. Too often these are convicted criminals who are offered a choice between jail, prison, or a drug or alcohol rehab residence.

Jennifer Hansen: Our goal with all of residents is to help them become fully self-sufficient. We believe that one of the most important ways to recover and gain self-esteem is to take care of oneself mentally, spiritually, socially, and financially.

Seth Grossman: Many “Class F Boarding License” homes aggressively seek residents from out of town and out of state to fill their beds. Then they have those “residents” register to vote to falsely claim these “charities” are serving local residents.

Jennifer Hansen: This statement doesn’t make much sense but we take the people that ask for our help. We always have a waiting list to get into our houses because the demand is so great. I will say that due to the nature of this disease, it is sometimes easier for one to relocate in the start of their recovery. In that same vein, our local residents might choose to recover in another community. 

Seth Grossman: The Hansen “charity” website has a page inviting participants to apply for Section 8, Taxpayer Funded housing subsidies.

Jenifer Hansen: Where is this? We do not have that on our website. We do provide resources for County Funding for Addiction Services so that people may more easily access treatment. We do not take Section 8 housing subsidies as all of our residents are required to work and pay their way. (Editors Note: there is a link on Hansen site to Section 8 info)

Seth Grossman: Because the boarding homes are run for “charitable purposes”, they do NOT pay real estate taxes.

Jennifer Hansen: We are a legitimate 501c3 non-profit organization and abide by all applicable laws and rules.

Seth Grossman: The area is already saturated with “Class F Boarding License Homes”. Ventnor City Commissioner Lance Landgraf reported last year that there were already 24 to 25 in his town. Three are lined up right next to each other on Austin Ave. Locals believe there are already 5 or 6 in Atlantic City.

Jennifer Hansen: As of 2/9/21, there are 2 (TWO) Class F Certified Sober Living Homes in Atlantic City. There are 20,429 housing units in Atlantic City – that is 0.0000979%. Lance Landgraf was also incorrect in his previous statement. There are 6 (SIX) Class F houses in Ventnor – 2 of which are duplexes, so they have 2 licenses.

CORRECTION: Seth Grossman removed a portion of the original post which implied that the Hansen Foundation had been used as a vehicle to financially benefit the Hansen family through tax free transactions and transfers of wealth from parent to child. That was based on incorrect interpretation of Schedule J of 2019 Form 990 Tax Return of Hansen Foundation, Inc..  On July 26, 2021, Jennifer Hansen advised Grossman that neither she nor her father received any money from any charity “related” to the Hansen Foundation. Hansen said that the “related” organization was Ole Hansen & Sons, Inc., her family’s business. Jennifer Hansen was listed as “Director of Real Estate Development” on the website for that business.

See Liberty and Prosperity post here.

The next Atlantic City Zoning Board hearing to consider Hansen House drug rehab expansion is Tuesday, July 27, 10a. via Zoom.

Meeting ID – 878 4064 0557
Passcode – 241930

Zoom URL –

One tap mobile : +13017158592,,87840640557#
Via telephone – 1 301 715 8592 (enter meeting ID and passcode)

2 thoughts on “Atlantic City Zoning Board Considers Hansen Sober-Living Expansion”

  1. Quote from Jennifer Hansen in reference to 16 S. Tallahassee Ave: “If the property values were so affected, then why would the property next door have sold for $635,000 on 2/19/21 after having sold for $190,000 on 6/6/2018? That is a significant increase in property value.” —- Jennifer please answer these questions:
    Did the buyers (in 6/6/2018) do extensive renovation to this property after purchase ? Was it disclosed to the new buyers (2/19/2021) that a New Sober House is next door to them ?
    Why does Jennifer purchase properties in excellent neighborhoods ? Why don’t the Hansen’s buy properties in depressed areas an improve those neighborhoods ? The properties Hansen’s purchase will result in bringing good living areas Down ….!!! If they purchased properties in depressed neighborhoods, there’s a chance to bring those neighborhoods UP ..!!!
    Again… Why not build Tourist attractions ? …make Jobs ..!!. Learn Skills …!!! …. Better the City …!!!
    Shame on the Name: Jennifer Hansen …!!!

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