Atlantic County Commissioner ‘Cash-Only Coursey’ Parking Lot Scam?

Watch video from 3.22.23

Since 2011, current Atlantic County Commissioner, Ernest Coursey has managed and controls cash collections for Atlantic City special events parking.

Coursey, along with Mayor Small and Kaleem Shabazz are vehemently against credit or debit card payments. They all prefer cash. Last night they squashed Ordinance 13: An auto-payment, credit card plan for outdoor event parking.

The Atlantic City special events parking business needs a deep financial audit. Some suggest criminal charges could be considered.

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Atlantic County Commissioner Ernest Coursey called in to defend himself. A rare appearance for Coursey at Atlantic City Council. Coursey claims he doesn’t touch the parking money. So who does touch the money?

In addition to being a County Commissioner, Coursey is Chief of Staff for Atlantic City Mayor, Marty Small.

Coursey is married to Leslie White-Coursey, she’s the Executive Atlantic County Superintendent of Schools.

As Atlantic County Commissioner, Coursey represents Ventnor, Margate, Longport and Atlantic City.

Atlantic City CFO Toro Aberdeen (former Ventnor CFO) defends the current ‘ticket and stub’ process.

We call him ‘Cash-Only Coursey’. He scares away potential event attendees with insane parking prices and practices.

Event Promoter Team.
Anthony Swan Atlantic City

Credit cards harm minority residents, says Atlantic City Business Administrator, Anthony Swan.

Event parking run by Coursey is all cash and lacks accountability.

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During weekend events, large amounts of cash goes home with a variety of unknown employees. They hold the cash until official City Hall operating hours.

Parking fees being raised again. Will double from $10 to $20 per car.

Coursey claims there is NO proof that current cash system is a problem.

For years, Ernest Coursey has been quietly running Atlantic City’s cash-only, event parking lots. The big one is Bader Field.

Coursey claims any question about his parking management system is nothing but ‘dis-information’.

Coursey: Money missing? People taking money? Any attempt to count cars is an insult to our employees. Why question their integrity? No one knows how this works.

An automated ticket, credit card machine will create traffic backups’ says Coursey.

AC Iron Man event had 2,800 parked cars. Presumably brings in $28,000 in cash.

AC Beer Fest is another major event that must use event parking controlled by Ernest Coursey.

Coursey: It’s insulting. Are they accusing us of stealing? Every dime is accounted for. I’ve been running this parking business since 2011. Not one problem yet.

No more than 3 people collect the money‘ says Atlantic County Commissioner Coursey. Those 3 presumably take that cash home until City Hall re-opens. The employees that handle all that cash can always change according to Coursey.

Which AC employees take home tens of thousands in cash? Who’s holding all that parking lot cash? Why not use the bank drop box?

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Coursey prefers doubling event parking rate to $20 cash. $5 dollar bills are problematic according to Coursey. Slows the process down.

Atlantic City Council Doubles Event Parking Fee from $10 to $20.

Councilman Jesse Kurtz: This is now year-two of discussion. It’s dangerous to carry so much cash.

Council President Sporty Randolph admonished Councilman Kurtz for questioning the City’s management of special event parking.

Atlantic City Councilman Shabazz: Credit cards are not practical for the 2023 outdoor event season. Not enough time to put credit card process into effect.

Administration and most of Atlantic City council prefer to keep all cash process for 2023 event parking season.

Issue has been adjourned until April 19, 2023 meeting.

‘Cash-only Coursey’ Parking Skim?

11 thoughts on “Atlantic County Commissioner ‘Cash-Only Coursey’ Parking Lot Scam?”


      A private entity charging to park on a public street. This is the kind of cash grab corruption that scares tourists.

      We want to welcome them to the city by robbing them before thy get out of the car

    2. So you just published an article calling for people to be skeptical and then eluded that they sit unarmed with 1/3 of say a 20k parking event.

      Do you not see the harm in what you have done? You will when some dummy reads your article and realizes it’s an easy money grab that nobody can defend or track. Great responsible journalism.

      I really truly hope I’m wrong. But as a combat vet, I see the worst in society and I see what you may have unwittingly done.

      Please rethink things before you publish in the future. And I hope nothing happens as I’d hate for this to be something that is on your shoulders for the rest of your life.

  1. why did margate ventnor and longport vote for coursey?
    i know ventnor mayor beth supported creep coursey

  2. Phil from Ventnor

    Massive graft and corruption continues to be ingrained in the normal course of business in Atlantic City.

    Pay-to-play, nepotism, skimming, no-show jobs, you name it, AC has it.

    Where does all the money go?? In the pockets of corrupt politicians, their families, and their cronies.

    The state needs to step in and stop allowing this city to be run like a third-world dictatorship.

  3. Parking? Really? The school system in shambles, social services are scarce at best and the news worthy issue in AC parking becomes paramount?

    The children know all about COVID state and federal government but squat about local gov.

    If anything changes nepotism it certainly isn’t that…

  4. 45 years since legalized gambling passed. Atlantic City is still a toilet.

    I’m tired of hearing about the next savior that’s coming to save the city. It’s residents and their leaders keep that City trapped. It’s a disgrace!.

    Beach front property they have to give away! Lol, what a joke! The Mayor and his minion’s steal from it’s residents.

    You can’t make this stuff up!

    Go to Las Vegas and see what casinos have done for that city.

    1. Let’s be real, Vegas is exactly the same as Atlantic city. It’s a shit show. Vegas has such a high cost of living, crime rate, and addiction/homelessness. Atlantic city is right behind it.

      We need to, as someone once said, and drain the swamp. Unfortunately any and every politician needs to be forcibly removed from office.

      We need to revamp the justice and political system and start from scratch. Otherwise this is and will continue to be par for the course.

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