Atlantic County Commissioner Claims Ventnor Mayor Coerced to Pull Support.

Atlantic County Commissioner Coursey did himself no favors when he took a shot at Ventnor leadership.

Coursey wants to keep his Atlantic County Commissioner seat. Challenger Vern Macon wants that seat too.

Atlantic County Commissioner Ernest Coursey claims that Ventnor Mayor Beth Holtzman was coerced to pull her support away from his campaign.

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The love affair between Ventnor & Atlantic City seems to be over? Maybe. But Ventnor still sends $4mil each year to the dysfunctional AC School District run by the AC Mayor’s wife, LaQuetta Small.

Coursey says Longport Mayor, Nick Russo supports him.

Atlantic County Commissioner Ernest Coursey under fire for what he said during a recent WEHA radio broadcast on NOV 1, 2022.

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