Atlantic County Exec Levinson: Shared Services, Ballot Problems, Vaccination Shortcomings.

Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson

New Jersey is the highest taxed state in the country. One of the big reasons for that is the duplication of municipal services.

New Jersey has 565 municipalities and 611 school districts. By comparison, that’s more than Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland… put together.


Atlantic County Executive Denny Levinson was a guest on Talk With A Purpose radio show with John DeMasi. WPG 1450am.

  • Shared Services
  • Vaccination Sites
  • Ballot and Vote by Mail problems

Why so reluctant in sharing more services?

Every town has it’s own court system. That’s expensive and duplicative. That’s why Levinson supports a county-wide court system based in Mays Landing.

Mayors in NJ have a lot of power. Atlantic County needs cooperation from towns. They don’t get much.

It’s an archaic idea that home rule is ideal way to govern.

County Exec Levinson

Atlantic County Ballots & Vote By Mail.

Ballot problems related to Atlantic County Clerk. Left names off of ballots.
Vote by mail nonsense. No ID needed to vote. The amount of mischief that can happen.

New Jersey Vaccination Mismanagement.

Why was County run vaccination site moved? From convenient ACCC to massive Convention Center.


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