Back to the Future. Margate Dairy Bar Redesign and Burger Bar

Margate Dairy Bar
Redesigned Margate Dairy Bar 2015

Doo-wop, beehive hairdos, big cars. That’s the vibe you’ll get at the new Margate Dairy Bar, under construction now. Too young? Ask your parents—or your grandparents—about this seashore institution.

An exciting chapter in their 60+ year history, Margate Dairy Bar has been serving up summer memories since 1952. Custards, frozen desserts, burgers, fries, and shakes.

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Coming Soon: Margate Dairy Bar will launch their Jetson’s-like building design, that will include their all new ‘Burger Bar’. Now expanding and being restored to its 50’s glory, the new Margate Dairy Bar is scheduled to be completed around Memorial Day. Get in line now.

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