Beach Replenishment 2020 for Ventnor, Margate, Longport & Atlantic City

Video: Landgraf Talks Beaches & Fishing Pier.

Ventnor Commissioner Landgraf shares details of upcoming beach replenishment for Downbeach and all of Absecon Island. Upgraded Ventnor Fishing Pier discussed as well. WATCH VIDEO.

When will beach replenishment work start in Ventnor? Surveying will get underway in the next few weeks. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will oversee the project.

  • Extend beaches where needed
  • Re-sloping of dunes
  • Repair walkovers.
  • Concrete ramp at Suffolk & Ventnor boardwalk being replaced. No cost to city.
  • Trim dunes to compliant height?

Federal government covers 65% of costs. State of New Jersey and local towns cover remaining 35%. Ventnor taxpayers could pay approx $750,000 towards work that takes place every 3-4 years. Local Margate and Longport costs unknown at this time.

Are some Ventnor and Atlantic City dunes too high? Yes.

Numerous sources have pointed out that ACOE have kept Ventnor dune heights compliant. No higher than the top of boardwalk railings. We get both protection and a beautiful view.

Whereas many Ventnor beaches north of the pier, feature 2 sets of dunes. A compliant dune built by ACOE, and another being a mountain of sand that’s dramatically higher. Almost two feet higher in some spots.

This locally built dune foolishly kills the ocean view.

This so-called 2nd dune was allegedly built by municipal employees many years ago. Presumably thru beach-raking and questionable procedures by municipal employees no longer there.

We trust Ventnor DPW’s Ed Stinson will take a look at this. Especially with the ACOE in town. We even bet DEP’s Rosenblatt would find his boardwalk travels more pleasant with properly trimmed dunes.

dr stuart farrell stockton DEP
DrStuart Farrell, DEP’s David Rosenblatt & Army Corps of Engineers

Replenishing the beaches of Atlantic City, Ventnor, Margate and Longport.

Step #1 Mapping sea bed & contour of beach to determine amount of sand needed.

The Absecon Island beach project should be completed by Feb, 2021.

Work will continue 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

1 thought on “Beach Replenishment 2020 for Ventnor, Margate, Longport & Atlantic City”

  1. Margate does not need a replenishment. This is a waste of money. they just finished the dunes in Longport not 2 years ago. I can see Ventnor, but Margate is already like crossing a desert.

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