Big Trivia Win for Smarty Pants at Longport Library

Longport Library Smarty Pants
Big Win for ‘Smarty Pants’

Each month, the Longport Library hosts a popular trivia night. 

For the past year, team ‘Smarty Pants’ have been looking for their first big win.

With days winding down in 2021, team Smarty Pants pulled off the huge win on Dec. 28.

You know what that means. Cool Longport Museum and Library sweatshirts for all.

‘Smarty Pants’:  Kathy, Mary Ellen, Janice, Nancy, Mike, Pat, Michele and Robin. 

A big thanks to Librarian Julie, for being a great hostess. 

The Longport Public Library, 2305 Atlantic Ave.

Longport Library on FB:

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