Bike & Skateboard Safety Tips From Margate Police Department

margate Bike Safety

The Margate City Police Department has a quick explainer of rules regarding biking, skateboarding and roller blades.

Simply, anyone on wheels must follow all traffic laws. Just like they were a motor vehicle. In other words, once wheels are under you, the law considers you a ‘vehicle’.

Bicyclists, skateboarders and roller-bladers are NOT pedestrians.

Note: If somebody is walking their bike through a crosswalk, they are a pedestrians.

Motorists should keep a lookout for bicycles. Especially when ridden by kids.

While riding on the road as part of a group: if there are vehicles on the roadway, you should ride single file.

Margate does have dedicated bike lanes on Atlantic Ave. Bicyclists should take care to stay within those lanes.

Bicyclists and skateboarders must obey red lights. There have been incidents where the Margate Police have written summonses to bicyclists involved in accidents where they did not obey stop signs or red lights.

Everybody under 17, including those in child seats, riding a bike or skateboard on a public roadway, should be in an approved helmet.

“A person under 17 years of age shall not operate, or ride upon a bicycle as a passenger, unless that person is wearing a properly fitted and fastened bicycle helmet.”

All bicycles should have a white colored light on the front, and a red colored light on the rear. Reflectors too.

Your bike should have a bell, horn, or other device capable of giving a signal that can be heard for a distance of at least 100 feet.

Riding a bike on the sidewalk: there isn’t a specific law prohibiting that. In some cases, it’s probably the safest thing. For younger children, the less time they’re on the roadway, the better.

Want more info?…/commuter/bike/faqs.shtm

As always, feel free to ask any officers you see if you have any questions.

3 thoughts on “Bike & Skateboard Safety Tips From Margate Police Department”

  1. The cops on a bike in Margate should enforce the rules of the road for the bicyclists and especially the electric bikes. There have already been close calls with people turning right and cutting off bikes blowing through red lights.

  2. The three stooges turned Atlantic Ave into a congested Conga line. It’s a G-d awful mess. Those three imbeciles managed to wreck it for pedestrians, bikers and motorists. Quite a feat.

  3. When, exactly? Haven’t see it be a mess or even that congested once since Memorial Day. Seems a bit of an exaggeration, wrapped in whining on your part. How dare they try and keep things safer, huh?

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