Blumberg Team Wins All Three Margate Commission Seats

Blumberg Team Wins All Three Margate Commission Seats 1 Blumberg Team Wins All Three Margate Commission Seats
Blumberg, Horn, Collins.

Margate residents witnessed one of the most contentious local elections in years. It was an extra large turn-out of voters, too.

Congratulations to winning candidates, Maury Blumberg, Mike Collins and Cathy Horn.

Total votes for each Margate candidate:

  • Calvin Tesler – 898
  • Aaron Singer – 876
  • Patrice Calvarese – 893
  • Maury Blumberg – 1246
  • Cathy Horn – 1332
  • Michael Collins – 1331

While the efforts of Tesler, Singer and Calvarese were impressive, it’s not easy beating incumbents along the Jersey shore.

Upwards of 75% of the Margate tax base are 2nd homeowners with no voting rights.

Maury Blumberg gets a 4th term and could be selected by Mike Collins and Cathy Horn to become the next Mayor of Margate, New Jersey.


14 thoughts on “Blumberg Team Wins All Three Margate Commission Seats”

  1. Can’t we all just get along

    I think this regime can do a lot of very basic things, quickly to make a big difference: increasing transparency, opening up meetings in person/zoom and taking questions, creating forums for all homeowners to be heard.

    And having better long-range planning on critical areas that affect us all: building codes/rules (and actual enforcements), consideration for parking especially in business districts, and safety especially on in-season weekends with teen/tweens.

  2. I hope the new regime actually addresses some of the present problems in the community: over development, increasingly incestuous appointments in city government, lack of accessibility and transparency in zoning meetings, parking for local businesses, the appointed school board.

    I drove home from work and found their signs in front of the homes of my summer resident neighbors. This is not a good omen.

  3. Does anyone know the total number of registered voters that were elidgible to vote for this election ? Who could I call to get that number?Atlantic County Board of elections ? Or is there a local Margate Municipal Office that would have that number ?

  4. Jay I Weintraub

    This is directed to Ralph and all others in Margate.

    I need to set things straight here regarding the false political claim that I was involved in voter fraud.

    I never suggested to anyone that they commit voting fraud.

    On February 23rd , someone on FB stated they wished they could vote.

    I wrote to them that they need to change their residence in order to vote.

    That is a big process that requires changing your drivers license , tax returns Bank and investment account addresses and yes voter registration.
    Some states also require a Declaration of Domicile to be filed for Homestead .

    I wrote to her to change her residence to vote and if need be then go through the entire process to change it back.

    For you and anyone else to suggest I was advocating voter fraud is clearly speaking slanderous and defamatory lies.

    The snippet of my comment in facebook was used for political reasons only.

    By the way , I was not running for office.

    To publish and suggest that I am a Philly Political Boss is ridiculous..

  5. Well I guess both of us have had our social media comments misconstrued now. I now see that it’s not pleasant and not worth fighting about for sure. ✌️

    1. Jay I Weintraub

      Maybe a beer together and we can share our concerns .My treat!
      You will be surprised that they are exactly the same.

  6. So how is Margate any different with Blumberg at the helm and Beckers nephew from Colmar Hardware who represents solely the builders and commercial interests as a Commissioner?

    1. Also Amodeo’s son in Law.
      Tom Collins son. Tom sits on the planning board and is Beckers brother in law!!!

  7. Concerned Resident

    Let’s see if the new Commissioners will revise the Master Plan to eliminate the Hotel Zoning Overlay District along the beachfront from 9100 Atlantic Ave to 9600 Atlantic Ave. In a contentious commissioner meeting in 2018, all commissioners (including Blumberg) said the hotel/condo proposed by Ventura was DEAD but they never officially revised the Master Plan. Time for the new commissioners to step up and make this change in the Master Plan.

    This Hotel Zoning district only benefits one land owner- Ventura. Let’s hope the new commissioners don’t allow a hotel/condo which will increase traffic, congestion, and transient daily rentals.

    1. We are hoping they will do what they said they will do.

      Meetings moved from 4 pm to 6:30 pm
      Zoom meetings too.

      Reinstate the Citizens Advisory Council.

      They never mentioned the Master Plan.
      Planning Board and it’s member make up.

      The Overlay ordinance will be back and most likely in January when everyone is gone .

      Thus will benefit Amodeo, Becker and Abbott to name just a few.

      Sam team with new names.

      I do not expect anything different but will applaud them if they make changes..

    2. I hear what you’re saying, but a hotel would have significant more controls and security/safety measures in place than a bunch of random daily or super short-term random rentals. Especially with the kind of property/pricing it would have. I’m not in favor of that zoning district per se, just that I don’t see it as a diect comparator to private daily rentals.

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