Boardwalk Shut Downs. Atlantic County Fumbling Corona Ball?

Will Ventnor close the boardwalk until this COVID-19 scourge blows over? All three Ventnor Commissioners say NO. Closing the Ventnor Boardwalk would do more harm than good.

Mayor Holtzman, along with Commissioners Landgraf and Kriebel see little risk of Corona contagion along the boardwalk.

We have no intentions of closing the beach or boardwalk.

Ventnor Mayor, Beth Holtzman.

Other shore towns are being more defensive. Proactive. Some say too heavy-handed. Better safe than sorry. Wildwood might close their giant boardwalk. Wildwood Crest could even block a bridge? Geez.

NOTE: New Jersey is next to nation’s most infected region: Greater New York City.

In Atlantic City, Mayor Marty Small wants the iconic Boardwalk to remain open. City Council President, George Tibbitt, told the Press of Atlantic City: “Dumbest thing I ever heard was closing the boardwalks.”

Both Tibbitt and Small turning blind eye to open & active playgrounds in Atlantic City.

Ocean City Mayor Jay Gillian played it safe & closed the ultra-popular boardwalk.

The boardwalk and all beaches in Ocean City are closed effective immediately. An administrative order issued by the state last night gives municipalities the discretion to impose restrictions to local beaches and boardwalks. I want to take every measure I can to protect the community. We have a large senior population, and it’s of utmost importance to take their well being into consideration. Even with all the directives already in place, it’s clear that not everybody is taking the order to shelter in place seriously. With the weather getting warmer, it will only get worse. I fully understand the impact that this will have on Ocean City, but I will always err on the side of caution. Thank you for your understanding.
Jay A. Gillian, Mayor of Ocean City.

Ventnor Police Chief Doug Biagi
Ventnor Police Chief Biagi

Ventnor Resident Barbara Miller Baum: I walked on the boardwalk today and people ARE NOT keeping the correct social distancing. It was very crowded. Can Ventnor police enforce the governor’s edict? Ventnor Police Chief Doug Biagi said: If needed, there will be increased patrol on the boardwalk.

Zero issues with restaurant curfew. People really coming together. Helping and feeding each other. So far, no Police officers are affected. No sick call-outs.

Can Ventnor property owners come down and check on their homes? City Hall would prefer that you contact Ventnor Police and ask for a ‘perimeter check’ of your home. Call the Ventnor PD non-emergency number at 609-822-2101.

Where is our Atlantic County COVID-19 testing site?

The Atlantic County Freeholders lead by Denny Levinson & Frank Formica need to step up. According to WPG’s Harry Hurley, we need a Corona Virus testing site in Atlantic County. Like yesterday. WTF is going on?

WPG’s Harry Hurley called out Atlantic County Executive, Dennis Levinson. HH says the County has been OFF IT’S GAME. They’ve been slow. Levinson told Hurley….it was ‘business as usual’. Listen:

LISTEN: Atlantic County Slow on COVID-19?

COVID-19 testing sites are operating in Bergen and Monmouth Counties. What about Atlantic County? Where is County Administrator Gerry DelRosso? Why isn’t Levinson taking this more seriously?

DelRosso confirmed with Harry Hurley that the County has not spent any additional money to address the Corona Virus threat.

NOTE: NJ Attorney General Grewal said law enforcement agencies are strictly enforcing the governor’s executive orders during the COVID-19 pandemic, and said those who refuse to comply will face criminal charges.


8 thoughts on “Boardwalk Shut Downs. Atlantic County Fumbling Corona Ball?”

  1. Not sick and keeping it that way

    Close the damn boardwalk. This isn’t a holiday.

    Walk on boardwalk now, lie on convention center floor later.

    1. People need a place to walk and exercise while maintaining proper social distance. Closing the boardwalk will push people elsewhere. Ventnor is smart to keep it open.

      1. Have you seen the boardwalk lately? That is not social distancing. That’s a petri dish.

        A cough and a light breeze could travel much further than 6 feet. The virus can live in aerosol form for up to 3 hours.

  2. I believe if keeping the boardwalk open poses a public health threat, it should be closed. This is no joke! I am on the frontlines and I want this to be over with ASAP. People not following guidelines are just adding fuel to the fire.

  3. It will be a matter of time before Governor Murphy will close all beaches. People ARE NOT following the orders of the emergency with this Corona Virus. You have to put politics aside on this one and if it should come down to closing the beach, CLOSE THE BEACH! The SHOOOBEES should stay put until this emergency is over, and if it should last until July, don’t worry, the beach will still be there, but it will at least (hopefully) be a healthy atmosphere.
    Here in South Florida there is a mandatory STAY AT HOME, but some people are still taking their children to CLOSED parks and playgrounds which is now against the law. DADE COUNTY today started to fine these people for their being stupid.
    This is no joke, do what’s right!

  4. Most of us go out for exercise. I found Ventnor’s boardwalk to be comfortable to walk with proper social distancing. Most walkers were solo or in twos, and all were courteous and left space. Bikers were equally easy to navigate around.
    I returned by walking the entire route on the beach, where the few people that were there, were at least 25 ft apart at all times.
    There is really plenty of room to get exercise, and removing this option will put us on side walks and streets, where social distancing is worse….it is the one enjoyment left to walk by the ocean.
    If we need to tighten the belt, I would like to see them closed, EXCEPT for full time residents of Absecon Island. This would stop the day trippers, and possibly second homeowners dropping in for a short visit, one of which will eventually cause the spread here.

  5. Follow Ocean City’s lead, and close the boardwalks. People are telling you right here in these posts, people are not keeping the social distancing that is required. Look at the picture above, not to call the Police Chief out, but he isn’t practicing social distancing and either are the people on the boardwalk. As long as these issues aren’t taken seriously by the people in office for our cities, why would anyone else. What is it going to take? I bet if a family of theirs becomes infected, something will happen. Right now I don’t feel safe. I am doing what has been asked of me and expected, it’s the other people who think, hmm, I don’t know anyone who has been infected. Please close the boardwalks. The faster we jump on the band wagon, hopefully it will help. Do it for your family, friends and neighbors.

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