Bocca Margate Owner Freeman Invests in Atlantic City Cannabis Business

Starting a legal marijuana business in Atlantic City is now much easier. Just ask Bocca Margate owner, Lou Freeman.

Thanks to Atlantic City’s new ‘Green Zone’, Freedman and his partners at Legal Distribution LLC had their application approved on Oct 18.

Freedman wants to operate a micro dispensary at 3112 Atlantic Ave in Atlantic City. Lou wants to sell cannabis for takeout… or buy and smoke-in.

The CRDA planning board approved use variances for a sales dispensary as well as a consumption lounge.

Others in Freedman’s group are:

  • Rashon White of Egg Harbor Township
  • Holly Pugh of Absecon
  • Jason Lentz of Atlantic City.

Freedman’s team will be responsible for installing effective filters to avoid pumping cannabis odor outside.

Bocca Owner Invests in Atlantic City Cannabis Business

The Atlantic City Green Zone includes much of Atlantic & Pacific Aves, allows for cannabis sales, cultivation and other business applications regarding marijuana products.

The CRDA handles planning & zoning within the tourism district of Atlantic City.

Lance Landgraf is Director of Planning and Development for CRDA, the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. Landgraf is also a Ventnor City Commissioner.

The CRDA board also approved a use variance for a cannabis growing and manufacturing site on a vacant parcel adjacent to Martin Luther King Boulevard. Proposed cannabis growing facility. Operation would occupy majority of block at 1705 Atlantic Ave. The principal owners of the company are from Atlantic City.

  • Jon Cohn has close to 45% of the LLC
  • Craig McHugh has a little over 22%.

The proposed building would be 125,000 square feet. Cannabis will be grown there, not sold. Proposal needs site plan approval. Security, lighting, ventilation, etc. Will neighbors smell it? Landgraf leaves that responsibility to the cannabis business owner.

Mayor Marty Small and the city support this, says Landgraf.

Neighboring property owners say this is a poor fit for the neighborhood.

New cannabis businesses, new apartment approved in Atlantic City

Is Green Zone too close to schools, residential neighborhoods and the Boardwalk?

Applications approved for operation within the Green Zone don’t need use variance under current zoning.

In a related story, Orsted Wind bought an entire city block for a potential wind power facility. Right next to the Ritz Condo.

In other news of interest…

Former Brigantine Mayor, Phil Guenther is superintendent of ACIT and may soon release a statement on this matter:

Former ACIT teacher charged with endangerment, criminal sexual misconduct

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A coach at the center of an explosive investigation into abuse in the highest levels of American women’s soccer was accused of engaging in inappropriate conduct while leading the professional team owned by New Jersey’s first family.


4 thoughts on “Bocca Margate Owner Freeman Invests in Atlantic City Cannabis Business”

  1. Lou Freedman is great business operator. He has great staff with low turnover that he treats with respect.

    He provides a great service to those who live here year round and reinvests in the community of those businesses. I’m sure he will add a touch of class to any business he chooses to pursue.

    His participation in this venture is a benefit to the community especially in a city like Atlantic City that is riddled with allegations of corruption.

    I applaud him for taking the opportunities that are presented to him.

  2. Concerned Citizen

    It’s obvious that it doesn’t matter what the average Joe thinks Politicians and business leaders are going to do what every politician and business leader does and only worry about what benefits them. Any “organization” that doesn’t care if a weed dispensary is operating next door to a church or residential area is only interested in what benefits them. Everyone should make a list of all of these people and any business that they own and make sure that you vote against them and don’t patronize their businesses. Starting with Marty Small and Lance Landgraf. It’s the only way to fight back !!

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