Brigantine & Ventnor Ask: Are Wind Turbines killing Whales?

A fast-growing group known as Defend Brigantine Beach (DBB) joined forces with Ventnor residents on Sat. morning, Jan 21.

Close to 100 braved cold temps on Ventnor Pier. Calling attention to the spike in beached whales. Is the wind turbine project safe for marine life?

Ventnor Fishing Pier.

Industrialization of our ocean.

Members of Defend Brigantine Beach (DBB) invited Mayor Holtzman and the Ventnor Commissioners to join the pop-up rally.

Discussed: Commissioner Tim Kriebel wanted to know: is there a city permit for this gathering on the pier?

The was some debate on whether Commissioner Kriebel was fully aware of issues regarding wind turbines and dead whales just off his Ventnor shore line.

defend brigantine beach
Ventnor Pier

Wind turbine research using sonar (sound) to measure sea floor. Oil drillers use seismic (explosives) testing methods.

Marine Mammals are hyper sensitive to sound. That’s how they communicate in the dark.

Fishing experts say some dead whales never make it to beach, feasted on by hungry predators.

Ventnor & Brigantine Join Forces

Who took #WindMoney?

Elected officials silent.

#windmoney from consortium of wind companies.

Awkward silence from those you thought would step up.

Stockton University, MMSC, Sierra Club, Green Teams, Sustainable Teams, NOAA, PETA, CRDA, NJDEP, etc.

Even Ventnor, Margate and Longport keeping quiet about dead whales and experimental wind farms. Too much grant money at stake.

14 thoughts on “Brigantine & Ventnor Ask: Are Wind Turbines killing Whales?”

  1. If we lose the beauty of the ocean and the beautiful whales because of woke con man governor it will be ruined forever.
    We have other better sources of getting energy, they just do not understand that industry.
    Just look at the cities and states with Democrats in power. You can never trust any decision they make.

      1. Just keep ignoring things like the polar ice cap degradation and significantly rising temps globally, and every property in our beach towns will have the ocean running through their living rooms.

    1. The beauty of the beach will be ruined by wind farms 8 or more miles out to see? And please cite the specific evidence (as in not your OPINION) that the whale deaths are from wind farm activities. We’ll wait.

  2. Wind Farms should be voted on by the people not the government. Political corruption is everywhere. Mayor of Ventnor s/b be ashamed and s/b be shamed into a meeting as well. Just like Nafta was and is so is Green the destruction of Ameria’s greatness.

  3. Maxine Greenberg

    Why the rush to begin the ocean wind turbine project?
    Would it not be better to get as much information first on the effects this project will have on the ocean and the marine mammals that live there?

    1. Really ???
      Everything is not about left or right.
      This is all about right and wrong.
      Way too many wrongs here !!
      Regardless of moneys lost, this needs to stop.
      Find another Way !

  4. Fake news. Sonar tests aren’t killing the whales. No proof. What about all the wildlife killed by oil spills? Especially in the Gulf of Mexico. That’s ok? Do you maybe think oil and gas interests are promoting this fallacy? I vote clean power.

    1. Can we please have proof that they even tested for sonar damage? How clean is it to kill birds? 900 foot high EYESORES that don’t even help people use renewable energy but those windmill projects sure putting money in some people’s pockets.

      1. 900 foot eye sores 8 MILES or more from the beach. You left that part out. Same as you left out the millions of aquatic and flying things killed by oil spills, pipeline breaks etc.

  5. I have been a big supporter of MMSC for years. Please don’t associate them with the Big Wind proponents that took dark money and completely violated their Mission Statement on their web site. You can guess which one.

    I know for a fact that MMSC did not take any money from anyone associated with this whole wind farm debacle. They are a crown jewel for the Jersey Shore and have saved hundreds of our ocean friends. Thank you.

  6. These off shore wind turbines should be the news now.
    SO MANY NEGATIVES TO THIS …. yet it goes on ???
    We are letting them irreversibly destroy our oceans.
    Everybody makes mistakes. Lets fix this one now…
    Regardless of who is responsible, we need to stop.
    The cost does not justify the means.
    This is bad science fiction driven by greed.
    You don’t fix one problem by creating another.
    Better to build big solar field on land.
    100 square miles is what it will take.
    It is literally going be the beginning of the end re our ecosytem.
    Future generations will HATE those responsible.
    LETS Find another way !!!
    Everybody needs to speak up.

    1. So Human, as you’re decrying wind farms based on unproven allegations they are killing whales on our South Jersey shores, where is you indignation again oil and gas extraction and production? 1600 humans in America were killed in the last decade directly in the production/transport of oil and gas. And that’s not to mention tens of millions of fish, other aquatic life and sea birds killed on massive spills like the Gulf of Mexico, Exxon Valdez, etc.

      I do love your ideas to expand solar.

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