Brown & Bell Tied, Mazzeo & Armato Lead, Taube & Sera Fall Behind.

Senator-select Colin Bell and Assemblyman Chris Brown are running neck and neck. Who da thunk it?

It’s an-ultra close NJ Senate race in the 2nd Legislative District according to a recent, Stockton University poll of likely voters. Even with Chris Brown all over the TV and Radio with ads, plugs and endorsements, all that media money and spotlight may not be working as hoped.

A recent Stockton survey says Chris Brown and Colin Bell are in a statistical tie in the race for a NJ Senate seat.

Assemblyman Vince Mazzeo (D-Atlantic) leads the Assembly race in the 2nd district, which includes Atlantic City and most of Atlantic County.  Mazzeo’s Democratic running mate John Armato is  2nd in the recent Stockton poll.

Republicans Vince Sera of Brigantine and Brenda Taube of Margate trail behind the NJ Assembly front runners Mazzeo and Armato.

Could Atlantic County Democrats get a boost from leading NJ gubernatorial nominee Phil Murphy? Probably.

Senator-select Colin Bell said: “I’m grateful that my positive message of property tax relief for middle-class families and bringing new jobs and industries to our region is resonating with voters across Atlantic County. As a 5th generation Atlantic County resident I know this isn’t just my campaign, it’s a campaign for every Atlantic County voter who has had enough of Chris Christie and his allies like Chris Brown.

Election Day is Nov. 7.

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