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After years of limited marketing and promotion of Ventnor City, it looks like tourism efforts are springing back to life….and not a moment too soon.

As Summer 2015 quickly approaches, the newly announced volunteer organization called ‘Downtown Ventnor’ plans to spruce up the visual appeal of Ventnor city-scapes & signage.

In addition, look for the refreshed Ventnor Business Association to roll-out some exciting events & other initiatives all designed to draw in more visitors and increase retail & Real Estate commerce.

Our humble little is honored to be part of this amazing seaside community. The always perky team at Ventnor & Margate BUZZ will assist in business boosting programs like Ventnor Tourism.

Stay tuned for our free series of workshops & online tutorials designed to assist the local business community with low-cost, but highly effective marketing, advertising, and promotional help. Some have called us a ‘digital chamber of commerce’.

Here’s a peek at just one way DownbeachBUZZ will contribute….

Ventnor Tourism & Marketing Mission Statement

This is one of the easiest & most effective techniques to determine if a project or plan should be considered for marketing & promoting Ventnor. This technique applies to any group/organization that’s interested in assisting with promotion and marketing of Ventnor. We like running ideas through a universal filter….and asking questions like these:

In Regard to Ventnor, Does the Idea or Project….

  1. Boost awareness of features/benefits
  2. Create positive recall, word-of-mouth
  3. Help create/build/maintain the Ventnor ‘brand’
  4. Accelerate retail & business activity
  5. Help overcome common objections, dispel negative or in-accurate perceptions
  6. Drive investor/entrepreneur/developer interest
  7. Strengthen Real Estate & rental values
  8. Increase tourist & visitor enjoyment
  9. Lends itself to be documented for case study & future marketing/tourism purposes
  10. Have ability to be captured by photo/video, optimized for Google search, easily found/reviewed via Web, Email, Social Media & YouTube.

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