Can Margate Solve Late Night Teen Problem?

VIDEO: Washington Ave Teens

Washington Ave residents in Margate endured another summer of teens being teens. Just down the street from the infamous Club Wa, aka WAWA.

See video. Loud and obnoxious. Got so bad this year, one particular homeowner just put her home up for sale.

Listen to clips of resident Kathy Heitzmann address Mayor Becker, John Amodeo and Maury Blumberg at the recent Margate Commissioners meeting:

LISTEN: Resident Talks Teens.

Will the Commissioners consider hiring more cops? Enact a curfew?


37 thoughts on “Can Margate Solve Late Night Teen Problem?”

  1. Parents need to be involved! THEY SHOULD BE responsible for policing. I am happy to say that my 2 teenage grandsons who are normal kids certainly not angels, however every time they went to Washington ave they came back to our house within a half hour with all their friends in tow. They would then spend the evening on our deck. Parents and grandparents need to deal with this. I was very happy to know that I had a dozen kids on my deck.

    The boardwalk in Margate is not the answer, it would make this much worse! NO BOARDWALK! NO WAY!

    1. I think it’s wonderful that you would host a gathering for your grandkids. This Is a tough time for all of us, especially the young people who need this interaction. But I wonder if 12 people could social distance 6″ on your deck and I hope they wore masks.

    2. Seems that the best solution would be getting the parents involved. Round up the kids (called a sweep), take them all home to their folks with a warning, followed by a summons followed by a large fine.
      At least a boardwalk would keep them away from the residences. Can’t believe that poor woman was told to buy a house in a different area. Curfew! 8 pm. Police enforce!!! No loitering or congregating in large noisy groups after 8 pm. Send them home to their folks. Let them have fun on their own porches, supervised by their parent. DONE!

  2. Ha! You mean the spoiled brat kids are not well behaved? Keep building all the crap that you claim are for “youth” because they are so bored. See what you get. More bullshit. That’s what you get.

    Yeah, send them to the park to drive those people crazy…that’s a real solution…..NOT! Symptom of today’s very, very, very bad parenting. These are kids that grow up to be assholes who burn things down when they don’t get their way.

  3. We on Washington and surrounding area will be more than happy to send the kids to Rumson and Somner next summer. Moving is not the answer as I pay the same tax rate as anyone else in Margate!!! Reinstate the curfew and close the beach at night. One of the kids had to got to the emergency room and have her stomach pumped. I watched her passed out on a gurney and she was about 13 years old. Take care of the problem and don’t tell people to move!!!!

  4. You live in Margate, the home of the entitled and spoiled. Plus, the police will do nothing about it. Nothing against the police, they are just following orders from the corrupt 3 Amigos who will do nothing to stop this behavior, they just want more stores and restaurants for them to skim off of. You get what you VOTE for, make better decisions next time.

    1. You must be a Shoobie! Typical asshole! Margate is a great town to live. It’s easy to blame the Politicians, how about the Parents?

      The Shoobies that come here every summer, that think they’re better than everyone and they’re spoiled kids who think they’re privileged are the problem.

      Here’s the answer to the problem, the Police should release the names and addresses of problem youth so residents can pay a visit to parents and explain that their troubled child better straighten their ass up and be a good neighbor! I’m sure the parents would understand quite well how important it is to stay out of trouble!

      If you don’t like Margate then leave!

      The big problem is you part-time residents have NO RESPECT for people who work and live here, and Yes We Pay Taxes!

      You don’t deserve to vote when your second home is not your primary residence!

      1. I’m not a Shoobie you fool, without their tax dollars we would be paying a lot more and have no services whatsoever. Yes, it’s all about the corrupt politicians, if they would order the police to crack down, they would do it. But they are more interested in protecting a few restaurants then the residents. Wake up and come down off of your high horse.

      2. I honestly don’t understand why people like you live in a known “shore town” and then complain about everything that happens and blame it on the Shoobies. Without the 2nd home owners, Margate wouldn’t be able to afford Police, fire or trash pick up. Don’t blame all of your problems on the 2nd home owners. That being said I almost ran over two of these kids this past summer on Alantic ave, they stepped out from behind a parked van and crossed the street as if a car was not coming down the street. Both girls around 15 years old and both visibly under the influence of something. They didn’t look nor did they care and that could have changed a couple of lives forever. Parents need to step up and the police need the authority to do their jobs.

  5. We didn’t have a choice on who we vote for. We’re stuck with the 3 corrupt amigos since only full-time residents can vote.

    The 2nd house owners pay a great amount of the taxes. And you know they don’t vote.

  6. I have addressed this issue all summer and it got worse every weekend.

    One night I went out on my porch and asked these kids to quiet down a little, so that I could enjoy my evening. One “boy” told me he was going to F…me up the a.. and called me a c…t.

    My granddaughter was driven into the house by these children. I am a retired English teacher and college professor (50 years total), and a mother and grandmother. Not one of my students ever said anything like that to me, and, if they had, there would have been severe consequences. I called the police and pointed out the boy, saying I would press charges. The policeman said he could not do anything because he did not hear it. Is not my word as good as a boy’s?

    To the man who said come to his street because it’s quieter, we should herd the kids to his home and see how he likes this language in front of his children and grandchildren. We should tell the people who are victims of the criminal rioters in the cities to just move away. Let these lawbreakers have the streets. NO – I refuse to believe that is the answer.

    I feel sorry for the woman who had to sell her house. I have lived in Margate for 20 years and my husband all his life. I have thought about moving, but I know more can be done. The Margate Commissioners just don’t want to do it. They know about this, the police know, and the parents just do not care. I have videos that would shock anyone who sees them.

    People are getting angrier and more frustrated at the lack of attention to this issue. These are children who need guidance, not acceptance of bad behavior. What does anyone think will happen if we actually get a boardwalk? Drinking and sexual activities are what I saw. They will just move under the boardwalk and the drug dealers will have a field day with our children’s lives.

  7. I don’t have an answer but I certainly feel that everyone is entitled to living comfortably and peacefully in their own homes.

    I feel bad for the homeowners but I also have concern for the young people and I know how they want to be with their friends. I want to be with mine too. There seems to be no place for them to congregate, especially now with Covid.

    What would I do if I had teenagers living here? Probably limit friends to a small number and insist on masks. I think the suggestion of having the police take a few home to their parents might be good, but not in an angry or defensive way.

    Better yet, suggest the parents visit WaWa themselves. It’s not easy being a parent these days but you know what? It’s not easy being a kid either. Any suggestions?

  8. Sad that people think that all shoobies should have no say or are all the problem, not all are. And as a matter of fact their taxes contribute to the community and they should have some say in some manner.

    Continually allowing those kids to do what they are doing is only contributing to the problem. The problem must be corrected and not overlooked anymore. Take the kids home to their parents, make the parents responsible!

    How dare you suggest that your residents and taxpayers move to a quieter part of town. Most of us have homes there just because it was a nice quiet family town. Shouldn’t you be trying to keep it that way instead of contributing to that delinquency!

  9. Why isn’t Margate developing interesting and progressive things and events that appeal to teens to get them involved in something at all?

    Every city has the same things going on and it’s only a problem if you cannot creatively come up with a better solution. Teens want to be be busy and involved. Teens will drink booze and do drugs out of boredom to stir things up.

    Margate needs to re-examine why they have not come up with a more intelligent and creative solution that helps support the community on an on-going basis.

    1. Figure how the corrupt 3 Amigos can skim from your interesting things to do and there will be interesting things to do. They are stealing money right in front Of your faces and no one is doing anything about it. You get what you vote for.

    2. I can’t agree with you more and your suggestions seem valid. If we were not living with this virus, a suggestion might be to open a public place for teen activities…..maybe a school gym, maybe a DJ, but certainly a place to chat with friends. Involve teens and parents in this discussion. Ask the young people what they would like. Work with them. Set some rules together with the understanding that it can work if everyone stays within the guidelines that have been set. I think it’s worth a shot. What do you think?

  10. Please move we live directly across from you ! You mouth off these teens every night. I have recorded you over and over again. These are kids in an city with nothing to do they sit at the fire station and talk . Once you harass abs chase them down street it’s fair game. You deserved it ! You are the meaning of Karen and won’t be missed bye Felicia

  11. Rick just proved my point of Margate residents being entitled and spoiled, thank you! The solution is very straightforward but we have a total lack of leadership from the corrupt 3 Amigos. Yes, parents need to control their kids, maybe give them a trophy every night they don’t curse at neighbors but simple leadership from our elected officials could easily resolve this matter but somehow that doesn’t put money in their pockets. Wake up folks!

    1. Stop the lying ! I live few houses from the wawa I talk to these kids often they don’t curse anyone out . That lady who is complaining is known as the Karen of south Washington. You don’t live there nor yearly . Your the self entitled one get to come down to your 2nd home must be nice . Even better that you can’t vote on the boardwalk ????

  12. Well everyone needs some where to go. As alone as they are not bothering anyone, so be it. It is a commercial area, well lit, in the open. Not unlike when I walk down Ventnor Ave. or Amhurst Ave., and have to walk around adults waiting in line to eat. Adults need somewhere to go at night as well. Everyone does not just stay at home. Margate is a Vacation Town. Let’s enjoy it. I respect everyone. Enjoy life, smile. Thank You.

    1. Gee Mr. Sam. When you are being harassed and cursed at, in front of your happy vacation home, maybe you’ll have a better understanding. So the gist I get from you, is, you are standing in line for your fashionable 8:00 pm dinner reservation in Margate City, on date night, while your tween/teen kids harass the general Margate City public. Case closed. Your statement hold zero weight.

      1. Well you have me all wrong. My kids are grown and have their own children. No teenagers here. But I was one, once upon a time. I have owned property in Margate for 45 years. No one has ever cursed me off. I do live on a busy street here. Not always perfect for sure, but I deal with it. My choice. Hope it gets better for you in the future. we lived through the rougher years in the 70’s. Thanks

        1. That was actually nice of you, Sam. Apologies for my tone yesterday. I live by this mess being reported on, and it is really, truly as bad as the video shows. Sounds like those of you who live far away in Margate City just don’t really understand. I am a child of the 70s and I was not brought up to, nor would I ever, think of treating my neighbors and elders the way these kids are now. Things have changed in the parenting world. Thank you.

  13. I have witnessed the following. The kids are directed over the dunes at 8:00 and later. I watched a girl being taken off of the beach at 10:30 pm, late August, on a stretcher. Her head was flopping over as the EMTs were wheeling her along the beach. What do you suppose she and others were allegedly doing over the dunes and out of sight? What do you think is in their backpacks, which many of them take with them? These are rhetorical questions. If you don’t know the answer, then you don’t know kids.
    No masks, no social distancing. Bringing home Covid to their families and friends. This has to stop.

  14. This is absolutely pathetic, on Margate City’s behalf. The political leaderships’ ONLY suggestion on video, to Ms. Heitzmann, is to move? How scary is that? Those kids were being disrespectful, to a degree that shouldn’t even be thought of at their age. Bad parenting is the root and embarrassingly weak leadership is the cause, in Margate City. My guess is that the police have their hands tied behind their back , not blaming them at all. Like the rest of this country in our current climate, I bet Margate City PD would love to enforce the law, but are not permitted to do so.

  15. Please, the police are very capable of doing their job, they are not allowed to do anything. The corrupt 3 Amigos are more concerned about people going to a few overpriced boring and bland restaurants since the owners fill their pockets. It’s all about leadership, a serious person could resolve ALL of Margates problems before lunch! Wake up folks

  16. Unbelievably, Halloween night brought them out again. 9:30 at night, loud music and about 15 bicycles at the bulkheads as usual, full backpacks and loud yelling. They went down on the beach but only stayed about 10 minutes. It must have been too cold bc they came back with their music blaring and rode away. Will this never end? Now is the time to devise a plan for next summer. We need a curfew and enforcement of beach rules. Also, it would be nice if these kids had someplace to go where they can be supervised a little to control their dangerous activities. If parents care, they should help solve this.

  17. Ahh…my family spent summers in Margate from the late ’50s through the mid ’70s. Both my older brother and a maternal uncle worked on the MCBP during that period. I seem to recall Washington Avenue was one of a number of side streets traffic, including commercial truck traffic, would take to get over the bridge to Ocean City; Pleasantville. So what happens if say at 10:00 P.M. a tanker truck driver under pressure of having his pay docked ’cause of a late delivery decides to take a short cut down South Washington Ave. and unexpectedly “encounters” these kids ?

  18. Speaking from a teen who goes to margate- we need a place to hang out. We all like going to the beach at night but since they kick us off too early we hang out other places. What old people don’t understand is we don’t want to hang out on a random deck on a summer night. It’s a boring thing to do. We wanna run around and have fun and play music. A boardwalk is a perfect idea because it would keep us away from actual houses and more close to the beach

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