Can Ventnor’s Chris Brown Save Atlantic City?

Ventnor Chris Brown Atlantic City
Super Chris Brown.

So who’s next in line to save Atlantic City? Somebody to reduce crime, boost tourism, and maybe fix a deeply broken school system?

Well, how about that. It’s former NJ Senator, Chris Brown. Ventnor’s very own.

Brown is now the highest ranking official in Atlantic City who will help manage the NJ State takeover of the city.

Chris Brown (R) was hired to play a critical gatekeeper role to NJ Gov, Phil Murphy (D).

Atlantic City Chris Brown Phil Murphy NJ
NJ’s Brown and Murphy, Perfect Together.

As you may recall last year, Murphy dangled a $150,000 salary in front of Brown. All Chris had to do was give up his coveted NJ Senate seat.

This deal with the devil failed to clear the way for Brown’s challenger, Vince Mazzeo.

Ventnor’s Chris Brown: Senior Advisor to Atlantic City.

As part of his official duties, Senior Advisor Brown will help develop five-year plans for various city departments, including Police and Fire. It remains to be seen if Brown will address rising crime and student abuse lawsuits within the Atlantic City School system.

Video: Dangerous School System.

Brown will report directly to the DCA, New Jersey Community Affairs and will serve as a team leader and point of contact / gatekeeper for the Director.

DCA = Dept of Community Affairs. Division of Local Government Services.

All local hires must be approved, and passed along to Trenton, by Chris Brown.

Brown says he will attend Atlantic City Council meetings, something Mayor Marty Small does not do.

New Atlantic City Municipal Leadership Protocol.

Gov. Murphy says he’s trying to streamline communication between the state and local Atlantic City personnel.

  1. Concerns submitted to Business Admin in writing.
  2. Business Admin forwards concerns to Chris Brown.
  3. Brown reviews and submits concern to State Director.
  4. Brown awaits Director response.

Ventnor parents that send their teens to Atlantic City High School are hopeful that Brown will address student sex abuse lawsuits and growing crime within the school district. Watch video:

Atlantic City taxpayers are reminded once again, they really have no control of their own city.

Indeed, it looks like Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small has even less power than before.

Mayor Marty Small is just a highly paid figurehead.

AC mom.

Read more about Chris Brown and Atlantic City here.

7 thoughts on “Can Ventnor’s Chris Brown Save Atlantic City?”

  1. Atlantic City has become a Welfare – Government incentive – Program City …!!!
    … Unless Government replaces Welfare with Workfare – Subsidized housing with Fair market Value (So private investors can upgrade buildings) – Get rid of Rent Control – Maybe subsidize Commercial Tourist Attractions ….. !!!! ….. (To create jobs) ….Atlantic City is doomed to fall further into the abyss …!!!!
    In other words ….. restore PRIVATE ENTERPRISE …!!!!
    enjoy …!!!

  2. Atlantic City has so much potential to become a year-round destination city. I was there with my girlfriend two weeks ago, very off-season, and it was desolate. The re-imagining of Showboat as a kids’ game arcade like “Dave & Buster’s” was a complete waste, and at the far west end, The former Atlantic Club Hotel & Casino, a beautiful property, is just sitting there vacant. My girlfriend and I love Atlantic City, and will definitely be back there in August. I just hate to see its potential squandered. Glenn in Brooklyn, NY.

  3. The beautiful arcade and adjoining party space created at the Showboat is the first stab at giving people with children/grandchildren an amusement option. Even though I am not a personal fan of water parks I understand that a real one is in the process of being built at the Showboat. Seems like another stab at attracting families & fun folk. Remember Steel Pier? As a kid My family & friends spent many memorable hours there. It’s walkable and still has a decent vibe (no diving horse though).
    Keep the faith, AC & surrounding areas are in a boom stage.

    1. Harvey,
      The Steel Pier and the other pier west of the Steel Pier are still great. This past July, I took my wife and 2 daughters to Atlantic City, and they went on all the rides at the Steel Pier, and we all rode the Go-Karts at the other pier. There is no problem attracting families in the summer months, and even when I went to check out that Showboat Arcade, it seemed to be doing good business in August. It’s the off-season that is the drain on the town – perhaps a water park will help, but I have a feeling that will once again do a booming business in the summertime. There has got to be a way to generate business and attract people in the off season. I just got off the phone with my friend last night who lives in Las Vegas. Because of its weather, Las Vegas is a destination city 365 days a year. We have to get something in AC that will bring people there in the cold winter months to sustain it as a thriving 12-month a year destination city. Glenn in Brooklyn, NY.

  4. Anything is possible with people of vision. It would be much better for Government
    to subsidize business and encourage new construction for tourist attractions rather than the constant subsidizing of housing and other government programs.
    People have become accustomed and incentivized to look for “Government Programs” rather than look for work and skill development.
    Business / Entrepreneurs create jobs and teach people how to work.
    People would be motivated to educate themselves and develop needed productive skills, beneficial to all. Just my humble opinion. Hope I did not offend anyone. Thank You.

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