Classic Ventnor Home Once Owned by Steve Wynn OK’ed for Sub-division.

Ventnor Steve Wynn
111 S Cornwall in Ventnor.

Ventnor could lose another classic home, making way for up to 3 new properties.

White picket fences, brick and beachfront at 111 S. Cornwall Ave. in Ventnor.

The stately home at Cornwall and the Boardwalk was once owned by Steve Wynn, the man who opened the original Golden Nugget in Atlantic City, back in 1980.

This Ventnor property along the Boardwalk has a rich history.

Wynn was great friends with Sinatra. He allowed old blue eyes to use this home whenever Frank played Atlantic City.

Wynn & Sinatra.

On June 22, Ventnor’s Planning Board gave the owners an OK to tear it down… if they wanted…. with the ability to build 3 homes on this sizable lot along the Ventnor Boardwalk.

Currently, there are no such plans. But on June 22, the Ventnor Planning Board did pave the way for that to happen.

111. S. Cornwall.

Odds are, we’ll soon be saying bye-bye to this beauty along the Ventnor Boardwalk.

12 thoughts on “Classic Ventnor Home Once Owned by Steve Wynn OK’ed for Sub-division.”

  1. Such a shame if it’s torn down. It’s a beautiful property.
    Although, I suppose that three tax basis are better than one and that’s why it was approved for demolition.

    1. It’s a sad commentary when you see a house like this torn down. It’s a classic Ventnor beauty!!
      Also wondering if this was a Nun’s Retreat?!?!

  2. Sign of the times! I understand the practicality of converting this beautiful property into three
    buildable Lots, but Ventnor is slowly losing its charm and character. Our beautiful older homes are giving way to McMansions. It’s so sad to lose a beautiful home and property like This!

  3. Would be nice if at least whoever builds on these three properties will build smarter than that of “The Waves” at 5300 Boardwalk which replaced the Monaco.

    1. Debbie Borowsky

      I always loved passing by that house and wished it was on a House Tour. It is so special. Debbie Borowsky

  4. Sure just knock down this beautiful home and slap together another set of cheaply made homes. Probably one of most unique properties in town. Way to go ventnor…

  5. Ventnor will soon be “charmless.”
    The really sad part is the city officials are so greedy, they are “pushing” to tear these beautiful homes down; the owners didn’t even request it. Its not like the property is dilapidated or anything.

    PLEAEE stop trying to make Ventnor Sea Isle North. There is too much history and beautiful architecture here.

  6. Oh nooooo please don’t do it , it’s a classic beautifully kept gorgeous stately property, why would you want to tear it down.. it’s just too beautiful… I totally agree with the two above comments. That’s what makes Ventnor so classic along with St. Leonard’s tract.. I’ve had out of town relatives & visitors say this is one of the last charming seaside resorts with its beautiful homes please stop destroying that….it would break my heart…

  7. So sad to imagine the destruction of this iconic and beautiful home in St. Leonard’s Tract. They say “Money Talks” but this time Ventnor City Planners should have been smart enough to know that this property has tremendous value which is far greater to Ventnor than the extra tax dollars coming from the new “ cookie cutter homes” taking its place.
    BTW, I believe that there were to be no commercial entities allowed in St. Leonards Tract. The sign for the fishing pier is just another item that doesn’t belong here. I wonder why St. Leonard’s Tract and the beaches contained in that area have continually been marked for activities which are opposite to the historical charm, purpose, and history of this area. Those of us who grew up here are extremely disappointed in the lack of protection given to this classic,charming, and historical area.

  8. This place was so special. It was a place a place that they nuns used to stay before we bought it. I used to stay here with my family when we were building the Golden Nugget. Has it been saved or torn down? It’s really a shame. It was a beauful place.

  9. I’m curious to hear what Ventnor planners should have done with this home??Like many others this home was available for anyone to purchase.The same old story happens all the time where the usual suspects yap about how a city should intervene in the market and take a tax ratable off the books thereby raising taxes for the rest of us.

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