Company Behind Congo Falls Golf in Margate, Controversial in Ocean City, Too.

Ocean City Adventure Golf Margate
Beach Takeover

The company behind Congo Falls golf in Margate stirring up controversy in Ocean City too.

Adventure Golf LLC launched the sizable mini-golf attraction over strong objection from neighbors and civic organizations.

In nearby Ocean City, Adventure Golf owns a few attractions along the busy Boardwalk. One of them is a food concession called Frenchy’s.

Frenchy’s recently took over the small public beach next to Ocean Pier. Just like that.

One big, giant commercial via chairs and umbrellas. Wanna sit here? That’ll be $29 please.

Ocean City Frenchy
Location next to Music Pier

So far, no comment from embattled Ocean City Mayor, Jay Gillian.

From Philly Inquirer:

“There’s a reason there’s never a line at Frenchy’s,” said a fuming Dawn Marie Jardel, a regular on the beach south of the Music Pier for 14 years, who shelled out $80 in beach tags only to find her beloved family beach had been taken over by a french fry company armed with an artillery of yellow chaise lounges.

She and friend Kelli Ireland are so outraged at the Frenchy’s chaise lounges monopolizing their beach they say they are boycotting Frenchy’s French Fry store on the Boardwalk (formerly Curly’s). And their children are on board!

Read Full Story Here > Inquirer

Note: Opponents to the Margate golf project said an attraction like this didn’t fit within city ordinance. Mayor Becker and his planning & zoning board disagreed.

7 thoughts on “Company Behind Congo Falls Golf in Margate, Controversial in Ocean City, Too.”

  1. The miniature golf in margate is so much better than the unnecessary bank that was there
    Kids love it

  2. Why not report the whole story instead of stirring the pot?
    The truth is that Frenchy’s owns Riparian Rights to that portion of the beach, as reported
    in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

  3. Margate like every other town in NJ is corrupt. All they care about is pulling in the most money so the politicians can steal it. It has been this way for decades, the only difference is now it’s done in plain sight while in the past it was behind the scenes

    1. Margate had nothing for teens to do so that he mini golf is a start for activities that are good for cloudy or colder days. More is needed// fortunately Ventnor is putting in the movie theater

  4. OK, so how did Frenchy’s come to own Riparian Rights to that portion of the beach? I did not know that
    riparian rights applied to any part of Ocean City’s beach. What other privately owned riparian rights are there to our town’s beach? If those rights are Frenchy’s then there must have been previous ownership or did they acquire those rights in the past, and when did that happen? Since that’s the situation and everyone is upset, let’s hear the details.

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