Congressional Candidate Kennedy Announces Support for Defunding of Police

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During a recent interview, Democrat candidate for Congress, Amy Kennedy, endorsed the defunding of police. Watch video.

Kennedy is looking to unseat incumbent Republican Jeff Van Drew in the upcoming November election.

There’s a lot of merit to what we’re hearing around the country when we talk about how we should be reallocating funds to make healthy communities

Amy Kennedy

Kennedy was born in Atlantic City and grew up in Pleasantville and Absecon. She and her husband, former Congressman Patrick J. Kennedy, live in Brigantine with their five children.

Amy Kennedy was nominated by Longport Mayor Nick Russo.

From New Jersey Globe: The Callaway-controlled Atlantic City Democratic organization is backing Amy Kennedy against Rep. Jeff Van Drew (R-Dennis) in New Jersey’s 2nd district. Read more at New Jersey Globe

Watch video from BLM March in Brigantine on June 18, 2020.

21 thoughts on “Congressional Candidate Kennedy Announces Support for Defunding of Police”

  1. OMG~~ She NEVER said she was for defunding the police. She said she was for TRAINING them better, re-allocating funds to work for a safer community. I am a Republican and am embarrassed with the lies being told about EVERY SINGLE CANDIDATE…on both sides.

    1. Reallocating police department funds = defunding the police. If the police budget drops $1, thats defunding. But if you increase taxes and use that $$ for a safer community, thats different. But what she said was a bunch of gobbligook that means nothing. Having better housing or a better education system or better healthcare doesn’t stop rape, robbery or assault. The fear of getting caught and spending decades in jail does.

      1. Agreed. It’s ridiculous how their supporters try and twist the facts. Taking a penny away from our police is defunding them! I hope any that are in favor of this horrible idea, don’t ever need the police.

    2. I agree. She is suggesting shifting some current police funding for increased police training. People need to watch the video and not merely read a headline.

  2. Anyone wanting to defund police sure WOULDN’T get my vote! Ridiculous! Sick of hearing this nonsense. What sane person doesn’t want protection for home and family? Goodbye Amy!

  3. Defunding the police is a great idea let all the criminals run amok. Next time someone breaks into your house call for help and no one will be there to hear you

  4. All those except JD are realists. What reallocating police department funds is Liberal Code Words for defunding the police. Hey Amy – who are you going to call when you and your lovely family are threatened by thugs – are you going to arm me and my 70-80 year old neighbors to protect you? Get real and get out of your socialist liberal world and into the real world. All of our family are voting for Van Drew.
    ROBERT McNALLY’S resposne is spot on.

    1. Long Time Resident

      Folks, turn off Fox News and try reading. Van Drew is a turn coat, one day a Democrat the next day kissing the Orange Buffoons’s ring. He needs to go, he is totally worthless. We need more smart women in government, they make much better decisions!

  5. As a Democrat, I’m shocked that Amy Kennedy would sacrifice public safety. That BLM march through her hometown of Brigantine was horrible.

  6. Watched video 3 times. Can no longer support privileged Amy Kennedy. Safety for my family is #1. Amy could care less. Plus, I am a Democrat. Got to go with Van Drew.

  7. Watched it several times. She NO way said “defund” the police. She talked about RETRAINING and MORE effort going into helping the police understand issues with education. “RE-ALLOCATING” does not mean “Defunding.” Go with whatever candidate you want, but be educated on what they really stand for, not what the media manipulates you with.

  8. I agree with JD. This headline is definitely misleading and the comments here really show that people don’t understand defund the police.

    If we allocate funds to actually help communities there is less crime, look at any upper middle class neighborhood. No one is saying getting rid of police for extreme crimes.

  9. Have any of the politicians advocating for “reallocating” funds for police training EVER undertaken the training police officers go through? Have any ONE of the people supporting this idea gone through police training? Does ANYONE have any idea what police training entails and that it is ongoing and ever-evolving? No, I didn’t think so.

    One another note, ask the brilliant politicians in Minneapolis about the increase in violent crimes in that city and how they feel since “defunding” the police in lieu of “violence interrupters”.

  10. Amy Kennedy, please support our police. They need MORE funding, not less.

    You can afford private security, most can’t.

    Don’t you remember how ugly the Brigantine BLM march was? The ugliness came from radical BLM supporters, not local patriots.

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