Congressman Van Drew Crosses Aisle & Shakes President Trump’s Hand.

U.S. Rep. Jeff Van Drew (D-2) crossed the aisle and probably will get scolded by Speaker Pelosi. But who cares. JVD was one of only a few Democrats willing to get close and shake the hand of President Donald J. Trump as he entered the House Chambers on the evening of Feb 5.

As Trump entered the chambers for his delayed State of the Union Address, Van Drew kept tapping. President Trump finally turned around. They exchanged pleasantries. Persistence pays off.

Van Drew said:

“I do hope President Trump’s calls for bipartisanship are genuine, and I also hope he takes the actions needed to unify the country. I have always said that bipartisanship is the only way to move our country forward and get past the political gridlock. The State of the Union was well done this year. You could feel the energy from both sides of the aisle. I hope our government can carry that energy forward to work together on the issues that face our country. The people of South Jersey are counting on me. The people of America are counting on us.”

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